Shots are all perfectly lined up in full auto

>shots are all perfectly lined up in full auto
>le emotionless badass grill
>blood farts
>fires on the kevlar for the killshot
>has to reach for her back to get a mag
how do people watch this stuff?
it's worse than anything Marvel has ever put out.
It's not even "just turn off your brain lol" kind of retarded, it's literally "just lobotomize yourself lol" kind of retarded.

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Who are you quoting?

you will never fit in with le /jp/ memes

Why can't you type in normal English instead of being a faggot?

Yeah why did she shoot the chest when he was down instead of the anywhere without body armor

>hollywood obsession
Kill yourself, 2020 election tourist normalfag.

>Is that WAIT is that a fricking plotholeroni?! Wait till reddit hears of this!

Does she have some kind of clairvoyance super power to know where the bullets are going to be before he shoots them?


>just lobotomize yourself
majority of anime fans are essentially lobotomized by anime


>It's not even "just turn off your brain lol" kind of retarded, it's literally "just lobotomize yourself lol" kind of retarded.
People were ok when Violet did it

>walking towards someone firing an assault rifle in a corridor.
>one of the best highly trained operatives
Why does japan train their forces like this?

Non of these are actual criticisms. They are just autistic nitpicks you could make about pretty much every show.
Maybe you should try to learn to articulate why you dislike something before calling anything retarded.

The appeal of anime isn’t about what’s happening, it’s about the girls involved being cute

She received a gift from God so that bullets are literally incapable of hitting her. The dancing is just to impress people by making them think she's dodging even though it's physically impossible for that to be the case.

csgo spray lol

yes and she's supposed to fight aliens

nah that one webm was used to troll VEGfags for years

that's kinda cringe writing ngl

>bringing up Marvel out of nowhere
Your mind? Broken.

That's kind of teenage posting.

shut yo redditor ass up nigga

Who on earth are shows like that aimed for anyway?

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Oh, that makes sense. It sounds like OP hasn't watched the show then.

so basically most jap boys between 14-30

This clip does look retarded, but most people aren't lapping /k/ tard autists like you so they don't care. We can tell you're an obese military wannabe loser with all the shit you're complaining about.

Not Americans. Your idea of a good show is
>oh look the MC/only good character died a quarter of the way through!
>they lost!
>my expectations are subverted! Oh look, an 80s pop culture reference! I clapped!

She straight up walked him down
O Block niggas would be proud