Chainsaw Man

If you don't like how Denji acts in Part 2 you just didn't get Chainsaw Man
Asacels and Yorufags need not apply

Chapter out btw

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Denji self inserters are pathetic

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Fuji can shit out a whole chapter of Denji fucking dogs and fujicucks will defend it

>mfw phone number panel

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Why the fuck are they all speaking spanish? Is fujimoto losing it?

We love Asa here

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>Waaaah! Chadshida-san please give me my fork!!!!
>that's it I'm gonna show him! I'm going to eat my food like a 2 year old!

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>open twitter
>first tweet is someone asking if Nayuta will appear next week
>second is about Yoshida x Denji

>this is how volume 12 ends
How would you rate it?

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Denji is a cannibal now.

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How does Reze tuck her ICBM?

>dumb kid acts like dumb kid

>cell phones exist
>Denji apparently wants his identity revealed
>he doesn't just tell people to pull out their phones/cameras and take a picture while he transforms
weak plot concept

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You are getting the true Chainsaw Man experience

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>yoshida doing the finger point the reconsider meme thing

>Denji acting like a literal toddler
Cringe. Worst mc ever

i thought cellphones didn't exist yet according to fuji

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How do we save our boy Dennis from thots?

he also could have just transformed in front of that news camera. he's obviously conflicted about it on some level and knows it will cause shit to happen

Denji adopted the Hayakawa name as his own. RIGHT SISTERS???

He literally is one, retard

shit's changed bird

>Why do you want people to know you're Chainsaw Man
>How else am I supposed to have sex?

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Next chapter leaks are already in

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Beavis & Butt-Head

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Can anyone link me to the dump thread I think I missed it.

Damn, can't believe that Denji is 5 years old

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Still amazed he isn't riding the short bus to a school for special children

First flip phone was released in 1996, why wouldn't phones exist in CSM universe

This is what getting your dick drained by Nayuta every night does to a mf

Seriously where is Nayuta ?

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How will kobeni die

damn yoshida cum is thick as fuck

She'll die of fun when I tickle her feet

Shit chapter. Yoshida is a forced fujobait character.

>Manga goes bi-weekly
>becomes bi
Bravo Fujikino

Wow, Fujimoto truly captured zeitgeist with this modern synthesis of mc's public persona.

they use this pic as the thumbnail of this chapter
fujo saw man is real kek

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fucking kek

>All cellphones function exactly like my iShit does now!
Built-in cameras weren't common in flip-phones, especially 90s flip-phones. Goddamn zoomers...

> Asa will fall in love with Yoshida while Yoru will date Denji to get him


>Dude you came so much

yodenji cover to bait fujos into buyinh volume 12

old age
her contract is with the bad luck devil
she will grow old in a world where very few people do

You know this is gonna happen

>Can barely read
>Think with his dick
>Morally grey
Yeah, he is no better than a 5 years old.

Chainsaw Man eats people, change my mind.


cope no charactersand he's the protoganist anymore

This manga doesn't have to bait anyone
it is already doing crazy numbers, fujos want to make everything about themselves and their headcanons

>there's a legitimate chance that yoshida might appear in the next cover

Chainsaw Man destroys buildings everyday. Devil Hunters should kill this devil.

He ate Makima after all