What killed 4Kids? What caused them to no longer exist?

What killed 4Kids? What caused them to no longer exist?

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They tried to rip off Yugioh money from Konami and got sued

All the Pokemon money ran out, making it too expemsive to replace all the music and sound effects.

>What killed 4Kids?
They got sued by TV Tokyo for trying to scam them out of money

>What caused them to no longer exist?
The entertainment side died because they lost the rights to Yugioh which was there big money, the company it's still around but they make kids shoes or some shit like that

>shit dubs
>scammed companies out of money
>lost their licenses to better companies
>bankrupted twice

The company has gone poof, forever.
>On September 21, 2016, 4Licensing Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy;[5] the bankruptcy plan became effective on February 7, 2017, and the company immediately ceased operations thereafter.

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>shit dubs
Pokemon was good and iconic even

>one dub was mediocre instead of shit so all the dubs were good

>They got sued by TV Tokyo for trying to scam them out of money
That's not quite what happened. 4kids' Yugioh license granted them the rights to release the series on home video. It turned out "home video rights" in the contract specified VHS and DVD, so pic related was released illegally. It was probably a complete oversight on 4kids' part.

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>watching anime on something with the same power as the snes

These, it’s ironic that one of their biggest localized successes would be the ultimate downfall of the company

They also had issues with music. Last arcs if GX and 5D's had to be cut due to it.

at least for Pokemon, the 4kids tracks were way better than the Japanese openings

Ultimate muscle, dinosuar king, Shaman King and the Yu-Gi-Oh dubs were decent

People watch anime on their phones these days.
>but it's 1080 UHD!
On a 5 inch screen for ants

Werent those cut short because konami needed to sell new cards?

Unironically a TV screen is irreplaceable even by a laptop screen

the dub acting was good. some of the best in the industry. puts funimation to shame, that's for sure.
the localizations, however, were dogshit.

I would love for you to find me a gameboy with a 5' screen.


So 4kids ultimately died because they made Gameboy Advance Video cartridges of Yugioh episodes?

Talk about an awful limb to go out on.

I like the 4kids one piece opening

See, back in the 2000s there was thing called capitalism, and it used to kill things that consistently fucked up time after time. It was a different time.

still better than how upper deck lost yu-gi-oh