Post annoying characters

I want to watch Shiki again but then I remembered this guy and can't fucking stand to hear his voice again

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Reason - cockblocker
But maybe i will change my mind in some time about it

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He's the best part of that show though

he should have won

he's just autistic, don't bully him

I hate him because my brother acts exactly like him. I fucking hate this character more than anything

Shes a good girl

>can't fucking stand to hear his voice again
Read the manga or novel then. The manga and anime are pretty similar but some scenes play out a bit differently like the werewolf fight.

That blond faggot from KnY


Her "comedic relief" wasn't even funny and even the main character of her own show told her to knock it off once or twice.

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So ugly too

Man, this guy is funny. Why isn't he used more often in the "literally me" posts?

Because if you share his qualities its embarrassing and something you want to hide


Oh I'm sorry. I must've missed that lecture at Harvard medical school


he's literally Any Forums: the anime character

I find him cute

Hes repulsive

I agree.

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