Dragon Ball Super/GT

What did you like the most about GT?

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When it ended


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Lmao, no thanks.


Super Saiyan 4 felt less retarded than Super Saiyan Blue

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everything except super 17, basically. i liked him as a kid, but upon rewatch its pretty stupid and low quality.

SSJ4. The Super Saiyan forms should have differing properties instead of just flat power increases so they're all viable in different situations instead of just being forgotten by the power creep.
>SSJ is the regular power boost
>Grade 2 and 3 are mostly the same, but 2 focuses more on speed and 3 on raw power, however the energy drain makes them inefficient
>SSJ2 focuses ki in the limbs, making it ideal for physical fighting, but quick bursts of ki are weaker, however gigantic all-or-nothing energy attacks can be used effectively after a charging period
>SSJ3 is all about maximizing ki output so energy attacks are highly effective, while fighting physically for extended periods of time leads to rapid stamina drain and loss of energy
>SSG is another power boost, but refines movement and speed to precise levels that allow for an extremely tight and reactive fighting style using the absolute bare minimum of energy
>SSB has perfect ki control and is more about power than speed, which is why to fully master both forms it's necessary to master the "God-Blue Switch"

Like this, every SSJ form is still viable depending on the type of enemy and battle circumstances. Boom, I just fixed the power creep issues. Now everyone can have their favorite form be relevant again.


Super Saiyan forms and "forms" in general are the way they are because Japanese consumers are retards who want the same thing over and over and over again.

No wonder Tardku is still the main character.

No Jobhan Blanco
No Black Frieza
Only two new transformations, no power rangers shit. It would be great if it had good fights and an old Goku

Your character will never be the MC.

But HANchad and HANccolo are already the MCs.

Jtop Jadmouthing Jhe Jetter J, Jorons.

SHARTpan lost.

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Orange Piccolo which is something a bit different is almost liked by everyone but a few contrarians, a step in the right direction.

He should not have needed a "new form" to become strong and relevant. it's the same thing, the problem persists.

In a filler arc.

>GT transformations: Golden Oozaru and SS4, Super Full Power Saiyan 4 if you really want to push it
>Total: 3
>Super: SSG, Golden Freeza, SSB, SSBKK, SS Rose, SS Rage, SSBE, UI Sign, UI, Completed SSB, LSS, LSS2, Ikari, Ultra Ego, True UI, Black Freeza, Ultimate Piccolo, Orange Piccolo, Gohan Beast
>Total: 19

Super is such a big stinky smelly pile of shit.

No it's not. It's still a fucking transformation

kek. based

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>In the canon movie that ignores the filler PROMOnga

So many fucking RECOLORS...

He didn't need a new form to become strong and relevant, Toriyama gave him a new form because he wanted to.

i wonder how will /dbs/ react when gohan blanco appears in the manga

>GT only has 3 forms
No wonder it bombed.

>Ok, put a 3 frame exchange of punches on loop
>Now cut to whis explaining what the audience is seeing
>now cut to zeno explaining what the audience is seeing
>Now cut to zeno 2 explaining what the audience is seeing
>Now cut to the grand priest repeating what Zeno said


Why does this scene sexually arouse me so much? Did it do the same to anyone else?

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Videl can't keep her EYES off of GOKU'S COCK. She is utterly ENARMOURED with the sight of his penis. I wonder what is going on in her mind in this scene.

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