Why is Bleach so short lived?

I thought its gonna be as long as One Piece and Naruto due to the huge ass normie following (like every car wraps i see back then was always Bleach, not even One Piece was that big) then it just... died.

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Perhaps the decade long break had something to do with it? Naruto and One Piece have a constant anime and manga running to keep people engaged.

It never really should have ran on for so long in the first place.

It was big in America, not so big in Japan where the stuff is made. It was still pretty big, but not nearly as much of a cultural phenomenon.

Do you seriously, honestly rate longevity and popularity by what US normalfag weebs and mexicans were lame enough to publicly display?

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It only lasted as long as it did by continuously introducing new characters and having them describe their powers. Obviously that shtick was going to get old very quickly.

>130 million
>7th most sold Jump title
>12th most sold overall
>Sold more DVDs than One Piece and Naturo, only second to Gintama for long running shounen
>Manga spin-off with Togashi schedule
>OVAs of said spin-off
>Anime returning
>Year long art exhibition
>Console game in work
>New manga arc tease which everyone and their mother wants Kubo to continue
Bleach has achieved more than 95% of the series in the industry.

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shit worldbuilding, shit characterisation with characters sticking around only because of popularity, only to job repeatedly to make ichigo look special(who was only ever special because of his birth by the way).

Also inspired most of the current gen mangaka.

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>to make ichigo look special
yeah he looks real special hugging the ground

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SJ constantly telling Kubo to hurry the fuck up, and at some point during TYBW Kubo straight up got sick.

>shit worldbuilding
You either didn't read or even watch Bleach or you're outright coping.

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Shouldn't have messed with motherfuken Askin Nak Le Varr

Remember when Kubo shat on JJK's female designs? Classic.

He called gege a fag to the face and he loved it.

>I thought its gonna be as long as One Piece and Naruto
It is as long as Naruto.
Unless you count the spinoff
Also it's continuing so your post doesn't make sense desu

I mean JJK is probably the most unoriginal manga to come out within the last decade.
It took just as much, if not more, from Naruto.

Kubo got ill.

cuz kubo is a hack who can't write for shit

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