You are now remember Ousama Ranking

You are now remember Ousama Ranking

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Best girl.

She cute

As much as I liked the show when it aired, I somehow don't ever want to rewatch it. Except maybe some of Ouken's scenes because that guy was great

It sucked. A lot.

I remember this beautiful girl who did nothing wrong.

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oh yeah i liked that show it was fun

I still listen to it's OPs and EDs.

Why did the translations stopped?

Still unsurpassed as far as 20s go.

anons, how many parts do you think the manga will end? I suppose the whole Poise and Ouken story will be in part 3 or something, I'll assume four parts will be enough

Cute show

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Yet to watch it but I hear the second cour sucked? How bad of a drop is it?

A maelstrom of fantasy tropes, but still kinda good.

The 2nd OP is one of the greatest OPs of all time honestly.

I stopped being good by episode 5

that sucks user, hope you get better by episode 10

I think you are still good, user, don't give up!


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I never stopped remembering

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The show was pretty great, but I cannot for the life of me still process all that happened around the ending.
>Tfw you realise the meaning behind the visuals at 1:06 and how much is conveyed wordlessly
Fucking fantastic.