Classroom of the Elite

This is literally not me. Who the hell is this guy?

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He's literally me.

i did not understand the new episode
why did ryeun give the questions away to the MC?

He's EXACTLY 50% me.

Because otherwise most of his class will have memorized the wrong answers, fail and get expelled. Also, he has a hateboner for the mastermind and more interactions with him are the best. There's also Horikita who he wants to personally break and having her expelled is no fun.

He's in love.


>every protagonist is a self insert
0 IQ

Class D handled the the paper shuffle like a regular exam and studied hard. Class C was told they'd be given cheat sheets, so the dummies didn't need to study. Day before the test Ryuuen gets proof that Kushida's answers aren't on the test. If Ayanokouji hadn't traded the answers with Ryuuen multiple class C guys would have been expelled. Ryuuen is a tsundere and wants to see his classmates graduate from class A.

He wasn't going to shoot his own foot for Kushida. In a way Ryuuen trusts X because he thinks that guy is just like me.

Fifty makes it sound like he didn't get answers from Ryuuen, so I was left wondering where he got the cheat sheet from even though Ryuuen said he gave them up. Also how could they make the trade at the same time without one party getting cheated?

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An angel in disguise judging the human race.

He's literally 50%man (and me) here, pure quinoa.

Ryuuen isn't in a position to trick Ayanokouji, he needs the answers as quickly as possible if he's going to save his classmates.

It's definitely partially a leap of faith in that both parties trust their perception of the other.

I did not lie user. I know he's using Kei to learn about love, but what I said what literally what 50man said to himself
>Maybe there was a future in store that wasn’t like that? Would I become someone irreplaceable to her, never leaving her side? I didn’t know. There was a part of me that wished for that to happen. And another part that realized it was impossible.
>Please, I prayed.
>In this moment, as I was smiling happily while embracing someone precious to me, I sent up a prayer. As I gently hugged Kei, I silently wished to myself that I would become a young student who would vow to take care of her.

Seeing Kiyo become less of a robot in time is pretty enjoyable

>literally me
bro i would of done the same

Will they keep the Kamuro scene? Would it work even if Sakayanagi hasn't shown interest in him?

Cutest drawing in the LN:

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LN readers I can buy AyaKoji will transfer to B class but what's a romance subplot with Ichinose to do with 50% objectives? I don't get the point. What's with retards saying he's going to transfer to B class so that Ichinose has a chance to date him. do you hear yourself wtf?