Final stage of animu

What would be the final level of weeb

It surely does seem like it won't end at stage 9

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I've never seen anything go beyond stage 8 but i can believe it can go up to 20 or more

For me, it's 3.

For me, it's 6.

I've watched lucky star which would be in between level 7and 8

Gee I wonder how deep can I go into this rabbit hole of animu

I don't have a problem with big eyes. If that's what the character designer wants to use, then I'll enjoy it. I'm not watching anime for realistic looking people.

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7 is the limit

I miss 7 and 5 animes being the norm for how unique they looked
For me I'd say that 3 is still anime but it's really pushing it, then again, it's a limit that's bound to get broken as the menacing of anime is slowly getting torn down

1 reminds me of that poorly adapted and rotoscoped anime. you know the one.

I don't recall any animw at level 2, and very few at level 3

>saying weeb to mean anime
You're new

Yes I'll admit I'm new
Have been lurking for a year now and I only see shounen and shounen and more shounen

Just a bit of moeshit
A few occasional lucky threads
A few yotsubato threads in a while
Azumanga threads

Based FMA enjoyer
Based Harumi appreciator

Aku no Hana, and it was worse than 1. 1 is still in the realms of GTO or Ikegami manga.

whatever this is

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GTO is more like two or even three. One is Hanazava Kengo and Oku Hiroya type of shit

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Oku is still 2, it's just his male older characters that look uncannily realistic.

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Haha newfag

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Cry moar

Shit yourself

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