Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Is she THE Mizukage candidate now?

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Cutest couple. Best couple.

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starting the thread off with some soothing Kawakitty

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have you bought your official piss bottle yet?

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She's pretty much only due to process of elimination, lol.

predict the name of the upcoming Boruto game
i think it'll be Boruto Super Volatge

Volume 18 of Naruto and Boruto

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Last thread convinced me that Narutards deserved every single bit of bullying they got.

that dude fucking derailed my thread. unbelievable.

How did Kawaki lose her?

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Hinata is Gokufag while Sakura is a Bejitabro, they have autistic arguments over them on ninja /dbs/ and don't know that they are talking to each other.


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It turned into another Hinatatard vs Sakuratard thread, they're both shit anyway. All they do is argue which one is worse. They're both fucking bad so why does it matter keeping up retarded arguments. Naruto is over, and they're both not relevant in Boruto. I will never understand waifufags for this series. I wanted to talk about how loveable Kawaki is.

speaking of Kawaki how will he win HIma back?

I miss Metal's cute wife.

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Kawaki is for Kae.

He still has a chance! He needs to overcome his shyness.

Kawaki's too shy to hug her, Ehou is bold and confident.

Cute? You mean ugly. That girl was hideous, I was laughing when she died. The animation was bad

It's too late! Ehou is too much of a chad!!!!

Where is it confirmed that he's 17? Don't let the anime designs fool you, they make him look older than in the manga for some reason. He's not much older than Bort. I'd say he's 14, perhaps 15 at max.

reposting the links to the dub leaks:

Kara Inners.

What do you think?

Kawaki does not sound like a young teen, dude could pass for mid 20s with that voice

Dubs confirm, drawanon should do this.
>I will never understand waifufags for this series.
Unironically pettiness and inability to move on, as the guy who brought up SP in the last thread, everything was civil until the guy basically went "NO! THIS DOESN'T MATCH WHAT I'VE TOLD FOR YEARS!!!" and then both sides started to chimpout.
Eitherway i apologize for not seeing that coming.

if he's 14 then that's a bit too deep for him.