Thoughts on Devilman Crybaby?

I tried watching Devilman Crybaby, it was too much for me, I feel traumatised. I could go only to episode 2 and I already feel like I've seen the entire show. It's the most graphic anime I've seen so far.
I've actually read the original Devilman manga, and I found it for adorable because of the cute artstyle, and I've also read Devilman Lady which I also liked.
Devilman Crybaby was too extreme and gross for me, and I despise what they've done to Akira - they turned him into the perfect male stereotype, and completely eroded his charming personality he had in the manga (I don't know if he becomes a better character since I've seen only two episodes). What are your opinions on Crybaby?
Atleast we got some good Ryo x Akira art, so as a fujo that's something.

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I thought it sucked because the characters were underdeveloped/uninteresting

I really liked it

I'm happy for you that you're 13 and have your whole life ahead of you.

it was alright, i jut fucking hate it when they don't adapt the fucking manga correctly.

It was never meant to be a proper manga adaption, it was always a re-imagination of sorts

You've missed something user. Enjoy being underage I guess. Leave this shithole now before you're stuck here like the rest of us.

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I think Ryo is a little bit gay

I just watched ep 1.
It`s fucking garbage as i always knew maybe you are a fag who likes yaoi (your pic)
Luckily my brain can erase shit from it

I liked the big tittied slut and her donkey orgasm.

I like the gay sex with Lucifer

cleanse your pallet by watching the dubbed version of the OVA

I thought it was pretty funny and alright, pretty shit as an adaptation to the manga but if you take under account it tried to be fanservice to every devilman media there is it was pretty good

A lot of the scenes are fucking worse than the original and it manages to have worse pacing than an ova

His female side is in love with Akira, his male side is in love with Miki in Violence Jack.

Violence Jack is fucking retarded and not even in a fun way

Same. The good miki.

It is supposed to be Lucifer's own imposed punishment and that world is created by Satan not governed by God

I loved everything they did with Miki she felt like a real character here, hated everything else.

I know that and that's one of the reasons it's fucking retarded

I liked Miki (the hot one) and the soundtrack, but other than that it was alright, not too memorable for me

I enjoyed it, but regardless of people's opinions on the show itself the one thing I think we can all agree on is that the OP and soundtrack was great.

I hated the soundtrack
I hate electronica and soundwave

I am sorry I cannot fix your brain problems.