Dragon Ball Super

When is she coming back?

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I believe that krillin, yamcha, tien and piccolo all know Kaioken and are actively using it in their fights

Posting proper list because people are retarded:

Dr. Slump
Dragon Ball (anime)
Dragon Ball Kai
Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!!
Dragon Ball Super (anime)
Dragon Ball Super (manga)
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection "F"
Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
Goku's Traffic Safety
Goku's Fire Brigade
Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock
Dragon Ball Bardock: The Father of Goku
History of Trunks

>Not canon
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT (anime)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution
Dragon Ball Minus
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

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after I'm done SMOOCHING Caulifla on the LIPS!

Krillin? SSB-tier.

>Dragon Ball Super (anime)
>Dragon Ball Super (manga)
This makes no sense. Only one could be canon as they are different.

>Toppo wins
>Universe 7 is 'erased'
>it turns out the universe was just being vanished from detection
>Universe 11, along with 1, 5, 8 and 12 are the ACTUAL universes erased
>the Tournament wasn't actually to determine who was the strongest, but who was the weakest
>the remaining weaker seven universes are each dispensed with one Super Dragonball a piece
>the reason was control
>after the Goku Black events requiring a timeline's erasure and a Zeno without a universe, Zeno and the Angels got concerned about mortals rising against the angels
>they brought about this Tournament to determine if this Goku was as dangerous as they feared, and pitted the universes against each other in feats of strength to cleanse the palate
>the winner would get erased with the other top four clearly stronger, and it was framed so that no one would hold back
>NOW, though, the Super Dragon Balls are seperated by seven universes, and tensions are higher, so the squabbles for the balls will be monitorable by the Angels so they can never be able to challenge them again
>this enrages Goku, not because of the context, but because they lied and erased all these potentially strong people to challenge
>he begins plans to defeat the angels and take back the Dragon Balls to reset the Universes
>he succeeds
>he wishes for all erased universes to return forever
>The Angels came from their own universe, Universe 13, a Universe so strong and so evil the Angels erased it to prevent its madness from spreading
>And Goku wished it back with the others
>now the Angels, all 12 Universes, and Goku have to rally against a Universe of Evil
>that they can't get rid of with a wish anymore

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Should the Kaioshin have their own Godly Technique like UI and UE. Or is the Potential Unleashed and its Evolved Form (Orange Piccolo, Beasthan) good enough.

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>Ki Control means whatever the fuck I want it to mean!
>Actually it means exactly what Whis says it means here in this episode, in both dub, sub, and the manga
woah...so this...is the power...of /dbs/


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The prince of all space warriors

The anal queen of all space warriors

Next movie starring Gotenks

>he's still seething

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>he still doesn't have any evidence from the actual show to justify his definition of what ki control means

what do you call this hairline?

Why don't they just use some dragon balls to wish for a super duper time chamber and match frieza's 10 years in like 10 days or w/e

The ‘shaved head candidate’ hairline.


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Kefla is so beautiful…
Plutia is so beautiful…
Towa is so beautiful…
Caulifla is so beautiful…

>the show is inconsistent
>no it's not, it's explained via "Ki Control!"
>actually, they already explained what Ki Control means and it doesn't mean what you're saying it means at all. Look, here's the actual evidence from the show. Its the same in the manga as well"
/dbs/ is fucking seething

Leave the spic debate in the other thread. Let's start anew.

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The mañga fucking WON.

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Yeah I wouldn't want to continue getting btfo by a single person even though I outnumbered them 5 to 1, that would be pretty embarrassing

Stop or i’ll make another video.

>caps babbling

Go to fucking SLEEP.

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>came into this thread to be embarrassed and BTFO some more
At this point I'm beginning to think you're just a masochist who gets off on being bullied. You ran away btw. You lost btw.

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Oh shit you have some evidence for your definition of what Ki Control means beyond your own headcanon interpretations of events which do not explicitly state your definition of what ki control means? I've been waiting several hours to hear it

>he's actually this buttblasted over getting BTFO by actual events from the series he's never watched but tried to debate about anyway
Keky. "Ki control" literally means being able to control your ki btw, not just get stronger. That's a retarded definition that only a stupid Mexican would come up with btw.

Can anybody post the dialogue where Whis says: "Ki control is __________"?

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Why don't they just wish for total power?

Never, forgotten like new broly and jiren

You've been continually beaten about the face, head, and neck with the evidence that your interpretation of what Whis said is wrong (similar to how your hermanos slap you with their cocks every weekend). The fact that you choose to jam your brown fingers into your wax-stuffed ears and scream "DOESN'T COUNT" changes nothing.

>the show is inconsistent
This is true.

cuz pride and honor or something
The same reason Green Dick didn't wish away the RR Army.

Chronoa is so beautiful...

Ki control explicitly means what the anime and manga claim it means, which I have directly quoted from the source material for you. Since this is a fictional work, we have to go on what the source material states, not our own extrapolations of what "must" be occurring based on our own logic. When you say "ki control means lowering your power level because krillin beam struggled with goku blue" you are using headcanon to extrapolate your own meaning of a term which is not explicitly stated in the source material. I quoted a direct quote which explicitly and directly defines what the word in question means, something you have failed to do

The writing is inconsistent shut the fuck up your evidence that I'm wrong just proves me right you lost I won cope

you've basically been making this same post about 30 times now for the past 3 hours. Are you tired of making it yet?

Answer this question coward spic.

>I misinterpreted a quote
>You showed me an event from the series that proved my misinterpretation wrong
Also true. I'm glad we agree!
Are you tired of losing yet? Apparently not, you seem to actively enjoy it.


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>>I can feel your KI leaking out when you raise it. Raise it only within your body to avoid alerting your opponents
or in english
>you must keep it WITHIN your body to maximize your power and keep your opponent in the dark

Not wasting my time on you, bye

After finishing the Baby saga I can't believe anyone bad mouthing GT is arguing in good faith.
They're either trolls, or worse, eng dubfags who didn't get the original soundtrack (other countries like mine did have the proper OST).

Goddamn I missed dragon ball having an actual story and tension, and GT gave that to me.
The closest thing to real tension in DBS was the Black arc and come on, it's obviously inferior to the Baby saga, it's just fighting Zamasu and Black for like 20 episodes back and forth the timelines.

Are you ARGUING in these hollowed halls? Make up with each other RIGHT NOW or else.

Objectively, yeah
He could literally have just kiai’d everyone off the stage and call it a day

If it was easy, why did he lose?

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So you can't provide dialogue of Whis saying "Ki control is __________" or even defining "Ki control"? So it isn't what you've been repeating over and over again? So basically you're a lying dishonest spic? Good, I accept your concession, now piss off.

Go fuck yourself kiddo :')

That woman? Jiren's wife.


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Your post:
>Ctrl F "Ki control"
>0 results.

Quads of truth. Jiren would have won in the first minute if he could have been bothered


I'm never conceding the facts that I have taken directly from the source material in favor of desperate headcanon designed to cover up plot holes that the writers didn't care enough to think about. Especially from people who assume their own headcanon must be correct because it happens to fit with their narrative even when it directly contradicts the source material
Whis states that when describing what super saiyan blue is. Next time we hear about it is when goku says that it has perfect ki control. There is literally no other explanation for what it could mean other than what has been explicitly built up in the previous scene. You can go "hurrr it's not in the same scene so we don't know for sure!" but you're being a disingenuous retard and you know it.
The funny thing is, I don't even have to die on this hill to prove my point, the fact that people can sense super saiyan blue later in the series instead of it remaining hidden is already an inconsistently that can't even be explained with headcanon but I doubt you're willing to move on from this point that you desperately think you're winning.

I hope someone has been capping this absolute autism since the previous thread. We absolutely NEED a collage of this retard embarrassing himself so we can use it to bully him into eventual suicide.