How would you improve Gundam Seed?

How would you improve Gundam Seed?

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Get rid of the stock footage. Seeing the same three mobile suits blow up over and over gets irritating. If that means not blowing so much money on getting big name j-pop artists for each of the four OPs and EDs, so be it.

yeh I never noticed it as a young lad but rewatching it a few months ago I realised how egregious it was

The amount of changes that would be necessary to make it good would be so numerous and fundamental that the final result would be so far removed from the actual thing that it wouldn't make sense to still call it SEED.

Any video to demonstrate?

I don't think I would, I don't have the interest to rewrite that much of the story. I know there are a lot of things that could be done to "improve" it, but would only do so marginally. While some of the biggest targets for that are things like erasing the thing about Cagalli and Kira being twins, which would require some notable changes to the story.

Fllay survives. It felt like she still had some way to go in her personal moral development. Also, the love triangle with Lacus as the interloper, might make her interesting.

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Are you saying you DIDN'T like rewatching the same montage of characters dying every episode?
Also SEED and Destiny are just shit versions of Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta respectively.

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Done more with Flay and not having Kira go full pacifism to the point of lunacy I'm thinking about that scene where orb is being destroyed and Kira and Athrun are escaping and they both look at each other and instead of killing the psycho junkies, they just shoot the water instead. It's so fucking stupid.

By calling it Gundam Sneed

Animate astray

Making sure it never comes into existence in the first place

Gundam as a whole dies unless that was your desire

>Gundam as a whole dies
lol you wish

user, Seed literally saved the franchise and propelled it to it's commercial peak

Delusional. UC will still be pushing spin-offs, gunpla etc. Then 00 will come along and they'll keep pushing 00 merch. UC is and will always be the foundation.

Mu La Flaga doesn’t die.
Yes I know he gets bullshitted back to life in the sequel, I’m just talking about the original series.

user, you're the one who's being delusional. Gundam as a franchise was dying prior to SEED's release and SEED invigorated it and brought it back to life. There wouldn't have been an 00 or other series without the massive success. I'm not going to argue that UC isn't better story wise because it is but you're genuinely retarded if you can't grasp how massive SEED was for the franchise

Less flay/the drama surrounding her. Yes I know I'm asking this of a gundam show, but the last bits with her just felt awkward for some reason. She still has to die though.

And fucking this That stock footage of the buster jumping up the air and combining both its guns has been burned into my brain.

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This board is genuine trash, OP is better off avoiding it.