She thinks that Juju is very cute and gets too close to her the first time they meet

>she thinks that Juju is very cute and gets too close to her the first time they meet
>he thinks that Amane is hot
What is wrong with them?

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i hope he marry and impregnate the big tatas teen and the loli

They both react like normal human beings, and like some human beings, they are still loyal to each other.

By this point the writer is just counter-intuitively not allowing Gojo and Marin to make a localized earthquake in a love hotel. Once he gives green light it's going to be the sort of thing where Gojo will be diagnosed with dehydration and Marin won't be capable to walk straight for a few days.

how boring would this manga be if there was no tension? very boring, which is why even though it's a foregone conclusion that gojo and marin will fuck like bunny rabbits in the penultimate chapter, there's no set date on when this manga has to end. like most successful manga, there'll probably be a gradual lull in quality or even a really controversial chapter or two, before the sales drop and the publisher forces the managaka to cut to the point and end it

at least with anime seasons being shorter now, there's a good chance that the anime will cut out a lot of the fluff and nothingburgers of story arcs when they inevitably come, unless the anime is picked up for multiple long seasons as well

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gojo would kiss the homies goodnight

They're both right, though.

How boring would any story be with no tension? The fuck kind of question is that?

Rom-coms can only last so long until they get stale that's just how the genre works, it doesn't even depend on a lull in quality. Eventually every joke they can do gets stale.

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How is it progressing now? I stopped reading around the school festival since it felt like the author was trying to add things to the story just to drag it out.

Yes it's getting dragged out. This one seems to have run out of ideas and is now pussyfooting around the confession.

And I don't see any kind of fujo doujin. Why?

Everyone in japan is half-homosexual

By any chance, is there a hentai by this mangaka? Can't get rid of feeling that Marin initially was a hentai character that was repurpoused for non-h manga. I mean, she is a hot gyaru, do a lewd cosplay and have clueless pure-hearted boyfriend. That's just screams 'netorare genre', isn't it?

You should kill yourself for the following two reasons:
1. Being an NTRfag
2. Being an ESL (mostly likely SEA, which would qualify as a third reason but I won’t make any assumptions)
Please see to it.

At least it isn't kusokari where even the author admits the story is on a dead point on purpose just for the sake of stalling the story and nothing, absolutely nothing happens.


>Bringing up KinoKari out of nowhere
Rent free.

Just admit the manga stagnated and has zero progress. I'm only reading it because it's like heroin.
At least Marin will do something, unlike Chizitos who is just stagnating her "investigation".

Get cucked cunt.

Probably. Don't most mangaka start out drawing porn incognito? Porn seems like it is pretty lucrative.

You've got to stop reading so much of it that you now think it the porn came first. The NTR genre is simply taking a typically romantic set up and turning the girl into a degraded whore.

This is netorare right?

Yes, for Marin

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