Mato Seihei no Slave Chapter 90

English translation is out.

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>Permission to kissu: DENIED

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ganbare lesbian-chan

Final page, kiitos paljon tlbro!
Next chapter on September 10.

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But who's who?

based sexual assaulter

Poor pure genki being introduced to the degeneracy behind the 7th unit (and the rest)

Thanks for for dump. Kyouka being the strongest without abilities seems like it'll be important later on. And Yakumo is again confirmed a dangerous predator. Konomi a cute but I'm not sure what her reward could be. She wants to learn about kissing but we already got tons of that. Unless it's three-way smooching maybe.

Based Lesbian friend going for the kill at the first chance

not femgoku

what's the point of 1st chief?
she's just a lighter version of himari

So Slave-Edge is a damage ability? Then how the fuck phased he through Kuusetsu and grabbed Naon & co.?

Kuusetsu could turn herself (or at least parts of her) into goo.

is there any more girl on girl absorption

this mangaka wasting his talent on battle shonen, look at that lavish scrumptious lewd expression
she needs breeding