Chainsaw Man

New chapter tomorrow. Predictions?

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I'm going to post about the bird symbolism then.
The new girl's name is Asa Mitaka, Asa means wing in few languages, and Mitaka can mean either "three hawks" or "beautiful hawk".
Chapter 98 is called "War and Bird", and chapter 99 is "Two birds"
There was three birds in chapter 99.
The name "Asa" (the human) means morning (朝) while "Yoru" (War self given name) means night (夜)


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Bucky is inspired in Mike, the headless chicken. His japanese name is Kokepi (コケピー) which comes from kokekkou, the sound of a roster. It's also a reference of Takopi (タコピー) from TNG. A link between it concept and war is that cowards (chickens) don't go to war, and goosebumps appear when a strong emotion comes out (usually fear). It's reminds me when War said that it can't take over Asa if she chickens out. To add, the male chicken is associate with the morning. The rooster is believed to start the day by asserting his authority over the roost (to defend his own territory from the enemy). At dawn, it emits a dominant sound to check if there is another male willing to challenge it, an encounter that would end in a fight. A personal opinion but Bucky gives me heavy angel vibes, specifically a low-rank angel shrunk to a weak form. Denji's name comes from Tenshi (Angel), both spelled and written almost the same in jp (Denji デンジ and Angel テンシ). Makima is meant to be an angelic-like figure too. She has a halo of flesh, the chained people formed her angel wings.


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War Devil bird type isn't explicitly told so it's a bit difficult to theorize. it looks way closer to a potoo rather than an owl. However, owl is athena bird and a nocturnal bird of prey too, so it should not be discarded either. A great link between birds and war which I haven't seen often mentioned, is that bombers are planes used to drop nukes, and planes were originally modeled based on birds. Taka means falcon/hawk, which is the most iconic bird of prey. In politics, a war hawk is someone who favors war or continuing to escalate an existing conflict as opposed to other solutions. War hawks are the opposite of doves (peace).Now, the potoo is a singing bird which it song works as defense of territory. They are active only from dusk to dawn, while during the day they remain quiet camouflaged in the branches. Potoos belong to the nightjar/nighthawk family, which despite the name, aren't related to actual hawks. Even so, I found out that the literal translation of "nighthawk" to japanese is actually Yotaka 夜鷹. With 夜 meaning Yoru and 鷹 Hawk. Last thing but War looks to me like one of those Lovecrafnian illustrations of a Seraphim, the highest rank of angels. You can find it as "old testament angels".


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We love Asa here.

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Asa? No thank you. But Yoru, now that's a good girl worth loving.

So what is Yoru going to do once she finds out Denji is Chainsaw Man? Pochita isn't in his real form so she can't make him puke the nuclear devil back up. How is she even going to turn Denji into full power Chainsaw Man again?

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Just listen to the song

>So what is Yoru going to do once she finds out Denji is Chainsaw Man?

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Asa is going to be Denji's girlfriend and when they get close enough Yoru is going to kill her just like with Makima and Power

i dont care anymore unironically

Stealing this from the last thread
>You don't understand Asa, we NEED to have sex with Chainsaw Man so I can get nukes back

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>comedic montage of Denji busting fat nuts inside of Asa while her in War bicker about how long it will take for Denji to "become hers"

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nice one

we not getting leaks anymore? at the start they were dropping full scans days before official release. now I haven’t seen anything at all lol, not even text spoilers

>Don't make him wear a condom, he'll hate it and we won't get to fee- turn him into a weapon

The leaker got literally killed


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>says he wants all leakers to die
>suddenly we stop getting leaks
Why the fuck did he do it bros?