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Time to go read the manga.

It hasn't been updated in like 8 months

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Jinto should've made her wear a more revealing outfit when they were in disguise.

What a missed opportunity.

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babby dick energy: liking Lafiel
floppy dick energy: liking Spoor
big dick energy: liking ekuryua

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See you in hell.





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elves are nice but space elves are nicer

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Never got further than the first season. Does it get better later?

Most people generally think Banner is better than Crest so I really don't know what your problem is.

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I need a pushy, blue-haired space elf in my life.

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lol filtered

Still haven't finished Banner III. I need to get on with that.

Banner II >> Banner I >= Crest.

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Should have added nekomimi features above and beyond space elf.

We had this thread before.


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The books are better.
It's a shame the author is going to pull another Berserk and die with the series unfinished.

You made me check, but he's still alive.

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He's a senior fuckin' citizen and the last book ends with the Abh Empire getting its shit pushed in. with the anticipation of a comeback.

He's going to die before the series is finished.

The novels are still ongoing?? holy shit
What's even happening now?

He's only 60 and not sound dismissive to any potential writers but the act of writing itself is far easier on the wrists than drawing is. Though I imagine much of the series jargon would not be so kind to any speech to text software.

download and read them.
I'd recommend the j-novel versions, myself. they do a good job of using Baronh.

The dress was hot as fuck though, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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