Isekai Ojisan

If Elf ends with Uncle, it'll be a bittersweet ending to me because that means Elf will see Uncle being lowered in his grave. Elf will be most of her live mourning for the love of her life; in human terms, she'd live for the rest of her life an empty shell because of a relationship that might last months at best.

Uncle really is a dumb orc. Be quick and cherish your Elf you dumb orc. She already doomed herself to eternal solitude and neverending grief because of you, you fucking dumb orc.

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You think yandere-san will let him stay dead?
We are going to see her eventually violate the laws of space and time to be with him.

Considering that the story is mainly a memoir, which means that Elf does not even end up confessing. The uncle then went straight home.
Considering that the world is full of discrimination, uncle doesn't want to go back either.
Maybe Elf will come to Japan at the end.

god i hate time fags so much. cunts like you are why they get away with keeping that sweet sweet elixir of life away from us.

>oh noo you live too long you will be le sad when your friends die :(((

fuck you, i want to live for ever.

Are elves in Isekai Ojisan confirmed to be long-lived?
Uncle could just ask the spirits to give him a new body.

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She's old enough to refer to twenty somethings as "kids", so she's at least 30? Not crazy old age but there's evidence to suggest they are going for the "elves live for centuries" trope.

> spirit of longevity, make me eternally 40 years old
lmao he already accidentally took care of it himself within his first week of being there

Did something happen? Next episode postponed?

All sites I use to stream anime (like a normie) say next episode airs September 1st.

Uncle is blessed by the spirits so there is a very good chance that Uncle becomes an elemental spirit upon the death of his human body

>Maybe Elf will come to Japan at the end.
This will not happen.

Why do you say that? If anything, it is surprising she hasn't shown up already, with how she has been stalking him in the other world.

More importantly, I do not wish for this to happen. Uncle will never develop as a character if it happens. It most likely is the case that their separation could be summarized in Uncle being a dense mf, so I really do wish Elf is keeping her distance from him, else, all of her suffering would feel pointless. Not exactly for how long has it been, but because no one should beg for love.

There's several case of japanese being transported to Grandbahamal dan dies there anyway. Ojisan probably dies, but returned because he still got a working body.

Better to have loved than never loved at all

Knowing he's as OP as any other isekai MC, he probably came back on his own.

What is her problem?

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was meant to

she's in love with a dumb fuck

fuck off.
uncle will live a satisfied life with his sega saturn, and elf will seethe eternally like a dumb roastie.

On the first episode he clearly needs time to realize where he is. He got back with ways that he didn't realize works