Ok guys i finally watched evangelion

Asuka is better than rei im sorry guys but thats the truth

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marry and impregnate asuka and rei with the daily recomended dosis of nakadashis for teen wifes

Both are great and hot.

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I'll never watch the anime cause I keep masturbating to the ecchi

Watch the anime and you will learn why Rei and Asuka are great characters and why Asurei is justice!

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Misato is way superior compared to the two of them

Now what?

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nonsense put it back

now ill force my gf to dye her hair red

Well then you are a loser because that is what Moot chose, i.e., a loser's choice.

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Shinjis’ relationship with Misato was about finding responsibility.
Shinji’s relationship with Rei was about finding common ground.
Shinji’s relationship with Asuka was about finding romance.
Shinji’s relationship with Kaworu was about finding acceptance.
Shinjis’s relationship with Mari was about making my therapist try to hide the fact that she’s rolling her eyes again.


Very clever, Anno.

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both are shit compared to misato

How come nobody likes Rei?

Built for...

I like her but Misato is superior and also not underage you sick fuck


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I have been watching and rewatching eva and all the movies over and over again for a whole month now

Could have just said you're retarded.

did they change asuka's voice actor on the rebuilds?

anno didnt develop her further after Rei II and became a background character for most of the series
eva's biggest waste imo

Nice. I didn't even watch it, just hopped straight into AsuShin fanfics

based af asushin is the best couple

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Misato owns them both

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