Looking back on it was k-on really good?

Looking back on it was k-on really good?

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It's one of the worst kirara manga and certainly not a good anime.

Only the first season.

marrying and impregnating the k-ons as their producers.

watched it for the first time this year. best cute girls doing cute things anime ever made. read the manga afterwards, it wasn't very good

Mio Monday

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The only slice of life worthy to be discussed with a favorable comparison to Azumanga Daioh.

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Mio is trash

Yeah but it don't matter. Last night i dreamt that i met mio and became his bf

Mio imprinted on me and made me love Nadeshiko-type girls

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Ritsu was the best K-On
S2 was the best season

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>saying this when Kiniro, A-Channel, Blend S, Sakura Trick etc exist

Absolutely based.

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It's okay to be contrarian when you're 14.

Can we PLEASE have a K-On thread without you all just being horny endlessly


What do you want to talk about, user?

How wonderful the keions are. I am aware that it is a subject which has already been discussed at length. But if there is to be an image dump I would rather it be /c/ than /e/. Plus there are always new people getting into K-On for the first time, and I know it was /c/ tier threads which got me to watch it

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