How come there are no subtitles for manga?

How come there are no subtitles for manga?

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I've seen scans that keep the Japanese but put the translation in an extended margin. I feel like someone could make a filetype that would over a translation while keeping the raw images too. Manga panels being so many different shapes and sizes though makes it unrealistic to try and put text outside of bubbles in them though. Like this page for instance.

I do prefer though for environment text to put the translation of that in the margins instead of redrawing them. It's usually not too much text and so can usually fit.

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Also, sometimes you do get separate text translations but those are kind of annoying to read since you have to keep looking back and forth between the text and the manga. And it's more looking away than with subs in a video.

What I was referring to was to how subtitles are handled in video. Something akin to a .srt file that would be replaceable if you preferred another scanlator.

That would require a file type to overlay the translations I'd imagine. Again, likely possible, but nobody has felt like doing that. Not to mention that distributing raws is something that would be cracked down on heavily I imagine.

Because that's stupid.


Budget cuts

there are but you can only get them via xdcc, the encoder always breaks on p2p and since ECMAScript 2015 when you try to stream it you get a fucking crash due to memory leaks(although you shouldn't stream manga to begin with).
You could try that old emacs plugin some user was writing but idk if he ever solved the fonts issue.

I believe AVIF supports subtitles.

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But it wouldn't be raw, the original text would be removed in order to fit the subtitles.

Keep the original raw images, and do the redraws and bubble erasing on the "subtitle" layer, then overlay it. Then you could switch back and forth to see the Japanese if you wanted. Erasing the Japanese text would be no different than what we already do now. Alternatively if is correct then you could keep the raw and do however it supports subs. Maybe click on the bubble (or environment text or outside of bubble text) and at the bottom the translation of the bubble shows up.

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Is 60 fps manga a meme or is it actually worth reading?

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