It get good after 10 episodes!

>It get good after 10 episodes!
What's her name, Any Forums? Pic related.

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What?? It get good after the first episode.. only if you are an ESL moetranny who has sucked at least 500 hunterchad cocks

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Macross 7 gets good after 15-16 episodes

Steins Gate never gets good


I didn't like Mob Psycho 100 after the first 2 episodes but now it's one of my favorites.

And since I said 2 episodes, I guess you gotta say Madoka

Goldstein's Gate started good and got worse

Attack on Titan. Sure it has good foreshadowing but fucking christ I feel like it took 2 fucking seasons for the plot to actually start.

Steins Gate only gets worse.
>establish pretty coherent plot points through the first half
>said plot points go into the trash because THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

You got it backwards aot was good in the first 2 seasons

Ass Class

B-B-But Any Forums told me it's a masterpiece?

based and true

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I thought it got worse in the later half. I didn't give a fuck about the retarded girl, so seeing her be the driving force was fucking boring

It also doesn't make any sense to suddenly turn to the story into fucking Final Destination. Such a forced plot.

CHRISTINAAAAAAAAAAAA! I told you to stop posting on @channels Any Forums board. I need help with fixing Future Gadget 51 "DK Pepper Dispenser". How are we all supposed to enjoy the drink of intellectuals when you wont help me fix the spring lock mechanism?

epic post steinsbro xD


The least insufferable Steinsfag

School Days

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holy based