All anime girls should wear one piece swimsuits

all anime girls should wear one piece swimsuits

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that's not a swimsuit, retard

yeah yeah bathingsuit swimwear whatever retard


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Swim trunks could also be considered a one-piece swimsuit

Counterpoint: bikinis.

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Maybe just one piece of the bikini.

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Nah, ya gotta have both. The top for all that magnificent cleavage, and the bottom for teasing you with a tiny piece of cloth hiding all the naughty bits.

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mmm chlorine smell

not as good sorry

mmm gunpowder smell

Bikinis are shit.
One piece swimsuits are superior in every single way.

you don't understand, user
it's about the golden ratio between bare skin and covered skin


mmm sunlight smell


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hitting the black tranny market with this one

Stop being gay.

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