What is it about her that irradiates such powerful sexual energy?

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pizza hut

Having fucked 241999391 men

maybe more

Hundreds of years of lesbian experiences.

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she wished to be loved, her power lingers

The perpetual bedroom eyes and green pubes.


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Kallen won, ccuck

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Zero men, maybe less

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Canon sex goddess
Centuries of constant sexual experience

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Does she get married with Lelouch at the end?

Only in the Resurrection universe where it's been confirmed Lelouch proposed to her
Frankly very sad ending for C.C. in the main story, he promises to make her happy and fulfill their contract (be loved) and he just goes and dies, and C.C. is once again forced to roam the earth forever
A year of being disappointed because of the Geass and centuries of isolating herself from the world. Zero men, maybe less.

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Multiple orgies with numerous men because of the geass and centuries of experimentation and sluttiness to not get bored.
(And Lelouch was the one driving at the end of the show)

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>Lelouch was the one driving at the end of the show
In that case it's just zero men, no more, no less.

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her grooming of mao

>Resurrection universe
is this not canon?

Her pubic hair is green...

Well, it's an alternate universe because it's a fanservice movie more than just a continuation of the series. Take Shirley being alive in it for example, there was no purpose to that besides the studio wanting to cram in as many old characters as possible.
It's the official "what if" fanfiction of Code Geass


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I'm 100% sure CC can squeeze tight enough to hold up her weight. Just imagine what she can do to you

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That doesn't make sense
She marries Lelouch AFTER having fucked multiple men for centuries
This user gets it

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That's the smell of Charles' sperm still dripping out of her.

Zero men. End of it.

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