Can we get a comfy Slayers thread going?

Can we get a comfy Slayers thread going?

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>Lina Inverse
>Not destroying absolutely everything around her for no reason.

who said destruction wasn't comfy?

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What do I do anons?
Slayers is a very fond part of my childhood but I only ever watched it as a child dubbed in my own language except for Revolution and Evolution-R which I watched 6-7 years ago (neither of which I liked all that much) and I've been thinking about rewatching the whole thing and watching the older movies and OVAs I missed as a child but I'm afraid that I won't like it as much as I remember it and that this would ruin my fond memories of it.
Do I let Slayers live on in my memory (even if undeservedly so) as one of my all time favourites or do I risk growing disillusioned with it?

just don't go in expecting it to make you feel like a child again and return you to carefree youth and you can appreciate something in a different way

Honestly it sounds like the problem is all in your head user. What it comes down to in the end is you either watch it or you don't. If you want to watch it then watch it and just enjoy it for what it is. Watching it while assuming you'll 'ruin your memories' is a made up problem imo.
But that's just my take. I don't think about that kind of stuff, I just watch what I want when I want.

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I mean, the original seasons hold up pretty well on their own merits regardless of nostalgia (I’m too young to have watched them on the first time), so I think you probably should give it a whirl.
Rewatching my favourite anime as a kid (Gundam Seed and Destiny) I found they were hot trash, but it was still a fun way to remember better times.
It’s comfy like a foam bed; good to sit on, just don’t lie on it all night and expect a good sleep

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Those are all fair points. I guess it does depend on how I go into it. I'm just nervous since I still remember the excitement I felt whenever I watched it as a kid and boy did I watch it a lot. I'm pretty sure I watched Slayers, Next and Try 4-5 times throughout my childhood thanks to all the reruns.

Give it a shot. The animation is gorgeous, Lina is still top waifu material. It's fun.

>mfw i find out Amelia is Naga's sister
Maybe I'm just dense and never caught it but I don't remember it being mentioned in the anime or OVA's. I found out from the wiki lel

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Lina is thinking.

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What is she thinking about?

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What she is going to cook for me tonight :)

Here's a higher quality webm if you so desire, user.

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W-why is it cropped?
What is papa bones showing her?

She is looking at his rings.

the sig in the corner and the bg curve in the bottom left gives me the impression it isn't cropped

I'm rewatching the series with the intention of capping/clipping my favourite moments. So far I've discovered that I'm very biased towards Lina and barely cap any other characters.

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oh nice thank you

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after being cursed by Sadako's tape.