There's just no replacing Galko-chan is there? There will always remain a gyaru shaped hole in Any Forums's heart now that she's gone.

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What was interesting was that this manga got away with the pure gyaru trope that is so common in manga. Most Any Forums give manga flack for making gyaru's into maidens when the archetype is about having them as sluts. It feels uncommitted. However Galko's raunchy humor and sexually charged characters make it feel complete so that even though Galko is pure maiden, she also is in the right setting.

Miku and Marin are better gyaru.

>mogs them

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Galko is better than shitrin in every possible way


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Marin is a gyaru but her charm comes from being so passionate about her cosplay to the point of autism, and the fact that she actually cared about Gojo once she realized he was making himself sick just to fulfill her request.

She's a gyaru but that's not her main feature, Galko's main feature was being a gyaru yet actually be a lovable character despite readers' perceptions of her stereotype.

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Do they have pancake tits though

no more brother wars

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I really liked it when they talked about pubes in this one.
Girls with bush are the best. Shaved stubble is good too.

No brother wars, only gyaru now.

Galko is objectively better because she's canonically a shotacon

This is a gut feeling but I truly believe Suzuki Kenya is still making Galko content. However, it must be stated that even before the controversy happened, Suzuki Kenya put the main story on hiatus as he got distracted with making Titsy Morgan doujins and selling them at doujin conventions like Comiket. If you just take a look at Suzuki Kenya's twitter account, he was busy making watercolor paintings of Titsy Morgan instead of working on his Galko-chan manga.

I never understood why people liked her manga, sure Galkos design but that's all it has going for it.

What would Galko think of her german cunny loving papa?

Now I think it's a matter of just riding out his probation, even the if the publisher doesn't play ball I have a feeling he'll move Galko forward somehow

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I will mourn the loss of my wife Galko.

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You'd need at least two regular-sized gyaru to fill a hole she left behind.

Is it officially cancelled or can the author go back to it at some point?

He'll just post them on twitter or somthing.

I still wonder why one of the best artist in drawing big titty gyarus was a secretively degenerate of the bad kind, it goes to the other way of the spectrum way too hard