One Piece

She's gonna eat a fruit and be the 11th crew member.
Carrotfags, Yamatofags, Tamafags.
KNEEL before your queen.

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shut the hell yamatroon

How quickly the bandwagon jumping Vivifag switches back as soon as it's apparent Yamato is a no-show.

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the same day the rough summary came out


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Crate's full

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>1050 chapters
>Still introducing characters.
End this fucking manga already, Oda you humongous hack!

Tama already knows who Vivi is.
I'm sure they'll get along well

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She's gonna eat the Nikyu-Nikyu

I thought she was 5.5, shitposter.

Somebody please convince Oda to do Wano all over again. It can even take another 4 years but I need Yamato to join the crew please

this is bait, don't respond

We still haven't seen Vegapunk. I don't see how Oda will finish the final arc in less than 400 chapters

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Has Oda given up?

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cute and canon

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Any Sanji fan ITT ? I want to kick your ass

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>Robin too low
>Zoro and Tama too high

you mean Shiji?

You need to give up.
There's nothing wrong with this spread aside from your retardation.


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Luffy a shit

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>D Clan
>Legendary Nika Fruit
>Robin on crew
>Joyboy (Imu knows)
>Legendary Strawhat
>Shank's friend

>Ope Ope no Mi


Law: -7 billion berry strength
Luffy: 500 million berry strength
Kid: 3 billion berry strength

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Why was Garp so retarded?
He could have raised Luffy and Ace at marineford or near any other marine installation.
He could have said they were adopted from dead parents.. just like Bellemere and no one would've given Garp shit for it.
Instead, he chose the island with a corrupt as fuck regiment, a massive shanty town which ended up in a genocide, a jungle with horrible animals that would've killed them weren't this a cartoon, mountain bandits everywhere including the adoptive parent of Luffy and Ace, pirates seem to visit, a dick of a sea king who keeps messing at the coast.
And now Garp is surprised that they didn't choose the right path.
They never had a chance nigga, you just taught them that they don't need order to get through life.
And then there's Dragon who took care of Sabo, always seemed to be in proximity of Goa, but never gave a single shit about Luffy.
Literal monkey family.

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sigh I swear you idiots and you tier lists do this shit on purpose

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you’re dead
don’t draw out your pistol unless you’re prepared to kill

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Now I need to make Mihawk's, Crocodile's and Buggy's bounties next. Alough, finding art that I will be satisfied with is going to be a bitch since my perfectionist autism I have.

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>He could have raised Luffy and Ace at marineford or near any other marine installation.
Yeah cause no Marine would have gotten suspicious about Ace constantly asking about what would they think if Roger had a child

When Sanji is getting sneaked he dodges that shit easy

>not even CoC can get past Barrier

I want Katakuri to sit on my face

This, he should redo Wano but completely cut out all the garbage starting with Yamato. Just say the Wano we got was Luffy imagining act 2 and 3 while recovering in Udon.

literally nothing wrong with my list, I like what I like

Although* fuck.

Uta broke the barrier

Dubs of facts

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I want Zoro to sit on my face

you tell him nothing and its not a problem


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Redo Wano, but don't make it Alabasta 3.0. How 'bout that?

names in all CAPS please

puta movie isn't canon

I don't see the big problem with this double page spread, I don't understand why autistics like you act like it's a drawing crime.

Because Garp told Ace, Roger was his dad which is one of his worst offenders. Ace's entire story was about him suffering because he's Roger's son.
Everything is just added unnecessary drama to give Luffy a background.

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>I don’t see the big problem
You don’t see how much of a cluttered mess it is?

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Garp was probably raised by bandits or alone. He was taming tigers by 4. He is just built different and he thought his kids would be the same. Bigger question is why didn;t he just left them with his wife or daughter in law.

Worshipping Shotaloli Kiku's several ft. penis.

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Cramping too many scenes in 1 spread and the most important part of the spread is right in the middle making the physical copy awful to read

Ace had a right to know and was going to be asking questions and figure it out eventually anyway if Garp didn't tell him


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>Uta broke the barrier

I like break weeks because I get to spend more time here before spoilers

>is why didn;t he just left them with his wife or daughter in law.
they're probably dead assuming Garp even had a wife and Dragon wasn't born out of wedlock

you tell a kid hes your son/grandson and what the fuck can he do without a dna test
no one knew anything about ace except garp

I wonder if they would still try to kill Ace if he was a Marine, the propaganda of even the kid of the Pirate King chosing to go against pirates would be great

that's not the King and Queen of one piece though, this is

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Laws and Bartos fruits are literal Movie/OC tier, anyone disagrees?

Kyros was stronger than Dressrosa Sanji, prove me wrong

whoreyori will get her due...

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I mean, yeah, it would be better if there were fewer panels, but it's still easy to read and the art isn't even that bad.

>Dressrosa sanji
Look i know powerscalers are retarded but you need to read the manga.
Sanji (nor most of the SHs, in fact) gain any power after TS until wano

It's called hax abilities.

Law kind of is, Barto wasn't until the Oden flashback.

Diable Jambe Sanji was actually YC3 level, but due to Doffy's hax he was nerfed


I miss this Luffy...

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I'm honestly pretty glad oda made mihawk stronger than shanks. Shanks is awesome but there's something really intimidating about mihawk. A guy with yonko power who just doesn't care about forming a crew or getting the one piece. He just wants to live in peace and have the occasional duel