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One last thread for the girls


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Is the group being broken up?


To all of you who have always supported the Healer Girls

Thank you for always supporting Healer Girls.

In 2021, the Healer Girls, a unit formed as a result of their work on BS11's "Anison Days," will reach their finale with their last live performance on October 8.

We have had many encounters with ani-songs, held one-man live shows, and performed at Anisama, the stage of our dreams.

Thanks to the support of each and every one of you, the four of us have grown up to become the main cast and sing the theme song for the TV anime "Healer Girls" in April of this year, and we have been giving our all through all 12 episodes of the anime.

To express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us, we will be holding our last live performance on October 8.

Since our formation, we have been delivering healing to everyone with the power of our voices through various activities, as our unit name "Healer" implies.

As the culmination of the Healer Girls, we would like to bring you the best healing experience.

Thank you for your support to the end.

Posting best girl for the last time

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They should've made it an /ss/ show. More people would've watched it.

Healer Girls was an actual group? How did I never learn about this the entire time it aired?

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I thought the group was made mainly for the anime.

Smile Princess is next

Why them?

Maou sama died for this

I thought it was a collab since the Healer Girls had already done some cover songs before their work on the anime. The anime gets an idol unit and the idol unit gets promo. Especially since I don't think there was ever the "music is medicine" setting for the original Healer Girls, they were just marketed as iyashikei anison.

should have made sonia the protagonist

People complain why anime is all low risk LN adaptations. Because most originals with heart like this get completely ignored and forgotten. I had a great time with it compared to what I expected.

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Lycoris is an original with heart and it blew up.

That's why I said most. Some can do well, but there's a big risk if they fail to gain popularity.

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So you'd rather watch a mediocre or bad anime original than an excellent and faithful adaptation?

what an incredible way to completely disregard what user said to make an unbelievably disingenuous post


Thanks to Snoy's bloated marketing department

There are more anime originals being made nowadays, especially if you count mixed media projects. Making anime isn't cheap, user.

I think it was that Healer Girl was so different from idolshit, it was a proper musical and the Japs didn't get it