Can we agree that more series need cute girls peeing themselves?

Can we agree that more series need cute girls peeing themselves?

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no, needs more married and impregnated by husband cute girls

Kill yourself ESL incel.

Yes. And they need to hold it to the absolute breaking point first.

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imagine the smell


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Too bad they didn't actually show Magenta peeing

source? reverse search gives me nothing

Eh I only really like the peeing from fright or peeing from sexual pleasure

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>peeing from sexual pleasure
It's hard to find stuff with this, but I love it.

Ochikobore Fruit Tart anthology I think


thanks user

It happens in VNs

I can't believe that was deleted

We need more cute girls peeing on the toilet. Toilet use is so much hotter than omorashi.

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Reminder that Botan has a toilet scene.

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for free

Ureshon is a timeless classic

this was the best girl in criminale
imagine teasing her to the point of tears or urine

>Ochikobore Fruit Tart anthology
why is the anthology so lewd

I can't seem to find it anywhere, unfortunately.

Unfortunately I don't think it's been ripped and uploaded anywhere. I bought it myself. Maybe I should upload that specific chapter somewhere if anyone's interested.

I'm sad that her manga got axed. Yes I know that it was due to health reasons but her manga still deserved better.