2022 almost over

>2022 almost over
>still not a single good anime this year
Where did it all go so wrong Any Forums?

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There were at least 5 good anime this year, what the hell are you watching?

How high are your standards faggot? Does the anime need to blow you, have cupholders, and cook you dinner while doing your taxes??

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Name em

boku no pico
pico to chico
chico: boku no chiisana natsu no monogatari
pico to coco to chico

Not him
Uncle from another world
Spy x family
My dick

Uzaki-chan S2 comes out next month.

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Don't spoonfeed shitters who make passive-agressive rec threads.

Don't bother every faggot who makes this type of threads will just type "they all shit tho" no matter what you say

But that's the fun part

I haven’t seen your dick yet…

Only animation can suffice to visualize my massive dong

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There will never be another good anime, and that's because you don't enjoy anime anymore, and need a new hobby

Well it all started in the 2010s ...

It's not the industry user, it's (You). Time to move on.

>see a medium you love pump nothing but complete dogshit to appeal to mindless coomers and shounentards for the last five years
>it's you not the medium bro

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It's Summertime Rendering for me. If you are more into plot-driven series.
I also like Lycoris, but other than that there isn't a single series I will remember or would recommend. Spring 2021 was the first insanely good season in a long while IMO but afterwards it got weak again.
Not sure if it's someone else trolling and pretending to be the other poster but >isekaitrash
I get SxF if you are into the characters and the type of comedy at least, which I am not. Isekai Ojisan is different I agree and I even think it started off well but the whole series now seems to narrow down to thirsty women wanting MC's dick and getting ignored-joke so it's basically harem isekai again just with a quirk. Might get better later, but I think it will just introduce even more women.

We had Bastard!!

Not OP, but they are all shit tho

Go back

It is you, because if you were new to anime you would be enjoying the new shows like anyone else new to anime. You've watched too much anime, which raised your standards too high, and now you can't enjoy anything because nothing reaches your standards.
Therefore, you need to move on. You have no influence on what kind of anime will be made, so complaining about it won't do you any good. Even if you're right that anime is objectively worse than it used to be, it just doesn't matter.

Not one of those that cannot enjoy things anymore but it's not surprising that a lot of old fans stopped trying and it doesn't mean their taste has changed. The anime airing in my country when I was a kid were all gritty sci-fi, serious samurai stuff, OVA and dark/serious anime with guns like Noir or borderline porn series. So the early anime fans that started to download them got into it because of series like these.

Of course will many of them be incapable of getting into isekai escapism shit, moe SoL or romance comedies. There is maybe one series per season that can be categorized into one of the types that made people get into anime, which is why they won't enjoy most modern stuff. Not surprising.
I think there is still one good series made per season, sometimes even more. And there are still enough good manga so I read that instead. Though some interesting ones aren't getting any translations.

weak b8

I enjoy when Any Forums lectures me about this since I'm fucking old and I've seen trends come and go.
>it's just nostalgia
>it's just you bro
If I only wanted to watch my childhood anime I never would have been on Any Forums in the first place.

I think naro and streaming money have been a disaster for anime in the 10's. One of those has to give for a new market cycle to start.

Streaming has been a disaster for cinema in general and only fuel the dame type of big blockbuster movies to be made since it completely killed dvd sales which was a big source of revenue. Something like the iron giant bombed in the cinemas and it made its money through dvds you can't do that anymore