The Onee-sama and the Giant chapter 5

Hinako is a proper lady who was in a relationship with a classmate. However, said classmate revealed that their relationship was a lie and she simply had fun manipulating the naive, pious ojou-sama. So Hinako reacted like any sane individual would: she pushed her lover in front of an oncoming train in a murder-suicide. But the act instead transported her to another world where she eventually befriended and became the onee-sama of a giant named Alice. Alice was abandoned by her tribe, abused, degraded and eventually thrown off a cliff and left for dead. Together, Hinako and Alice search for the people who betrayed them. For Alice, it's her brother while for Hinako it's Junko Hidaka, her ex who's alse beein reincarnated into this world as a "Hero".

In their journeys, Hinako and Alice have dealt with corrupt church knights, met another reincarnated Hero and Alice fried a bunch more corrupt church pursuers when she revealed herself to practically be the god of magic. Most recently, they helped rescue a young girl from both kidnappers and vicious man-eating monsters and she's now decided to join up with them. Uknown to them, howver, the girl was in fact commanding the monsters the whole time and may have some relation to the so-called Demon King.

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Anyway, please bump if you're reading.

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This manga's damn good, but the waits between chapters are annoying

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Yess finally

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It's a great setting that avoids falling into RPG bullshit and the MCs are rather unique and interesting.

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...How do they have sex?

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