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>it's been a while abiko sensei
>thank you very much for taking your time for this with your busy schedule...
>not at all!
>if arima san is coming, I'd gladly make time for it
>I'm happy...
>well then let's get into the topic right away
>they say tokyo blade's permission for publishing rights are strict...
>and to get multiple approval, one needs permission from abiko sensei...

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>Abicute being very cute while complaining about lewd figured of her characters.

>first of all...
>there are cases where permission for publishing rights reflect original author's opinion
>for example, our publishing company does not provide individual permission for sculpture events
>but there are actual cases where one gets OK because of original author's request so..
>but if we leave them alone, they will try to sell ridiculous things you know?!
>like those figures that has lots of exposures and have their breasts bouncing upside down!
>or trying to sell a lewd pillow cover!

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Sasuga Hoshino Kana, not just SweetToday's author but Abiko have fallen for her charm.

Kana a cute!!!

There is nothing wrong with those figures and dakis, accept your fanbase Abiko.

It's kind of an issue when her fanbase is mostly fujos.

>for those cases, point of contacts tend to be woman...
>T: sometimes I almost fell for it
>this sexiness is great isn't it!
>I love these kind of things you know~
>this amount of lewdness gets the product to be sold the most
>T: is it...?
>it's same tactic where maker try to wear lewd swimming suit to idols
>isn't this swimming suit both sexy and pretty?
>I love these kind of things you know~!
>I think they'd fit perfectly to arima san~!
>but things like cosplay does not need my check
>ofcourse if it's for recording something lewd, I'd reject though
>instead, editors say it should to go with design that is cosplayed by many at comiket
>is there anyone who says something about that I wonder?

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Well maybe her fanbase is mostly fujos because she doesn't allow sexy merch and shit? Maybe Sayahime wouldn't lose her popularity if her supporters were rewarded with the stuff like this

i love my scheming, manipulative idol wife Ruby

>fundamentally, original authors don't say NO about publishing right issues as long as there's love to it
>but for goods and songs, companies are giving money to production committee to get those rights
>so those rights needs to be protected..
>check is only there to reject products that lack respect...
>and even if publishing company decides to sue an individual,
>I'm planning to block it from happening as long as I can feel love from their creation
>but I will not proect those dojinshi authors who earn massively online by drawing horrendously insulting ones!
>because I don't get a cent from those kind of things!
>please read each companie's rules and regulations and judge by yourself!
>and that will be all from the scene~
term abiko used for dojinshi applies for both ones that insults one's character or those ones you see in adult site. take what you want to take

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I think out of those, it also applies to the circles that actually make money off online lewd drawings/doujinshi.

Authors like these need to be killed for the good of humanity.

>publishing right issues are fairly difficult
>it seems like abiko sensei are still doing well
>next will be about interview questions!
>what kind of question did you actually receive meiya san?
>like about whether one has hobby of exposure
>or had an experience of intercourse while cosplaying
>those kind of things...
>there are acceptable erotic cpmversations if it was done in private place or on equal ground
>it's not like I hate all of them
>that is only limited to those who share respect or trust inbetween

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>that swimsuit

Gravure idoling is a hell of a job, Kana at least came in with enough experience to avoid that kind of setup.

>sueing doujinshi authors
Has that ever happened?

>and that will be all from the scene~
What was the fucking point of this Abiko segment in the context of this manga? Aka, just stop venting about irrelevant mangaka shit, like holy fuck, just make your own Bakuman clone or something after Kaguya ends.

not without coming out like a BITCH

>if you guys had respect to cosplay culture
>and could feel that you were being considerate or had confirmation in advance
>then I'd also have trust and respect for you guys...
>and it wouldn't have turned out like this
>erotic conversation without respect is..
>just s sexual harrassment
>in this case, I could not feel any respect from last minute change in cosplay that ignored our situation
>and those actions that belittled cosplayers

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God, I want to sexually harass this imp.

>I also understood that your side also had your own circumstances
>right now I'm not that angry
>if you can show that this will never happen again
>I think it would be okay for me to delete the tweet
>meiya san...

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Kanacute and Abicute. Nice chapter.