Lycoris or lycoreco or trunked dykes

Chisato is on her way to page 10 for a new heart, don't mind her

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The heart


>kill her or her wife
>lose 90% BD pre-orders
Not happening

Chisato has TWO dads haha, let's bully her

Chisato daughter wil have two moms, too

Chisato will live. Majima is about to steal a new heart for her from the filthy rich Alan guy. He will bump Chisato to page 1 soon.

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Joker will save her just to kill her afterwards
Grorious ending

>the closing scene of the anime after Chisato's solemn funeral attended by everyone at DA
>Takina's lying on a cart and staring at the clear blue sky
>"this is how you want it to be right Chisato?"
>cut to the cart driver, whose straw hat covers half her face and blonde hair.
>she nods and smiles

That's literally Code Geass

No it's Lycoris Recoil's confirmed ending

I watched Code Geass you just swapped the characters

Oh no, the genkium tank is running out...

Fucking kino

Fine then
>in the closing scene Chisato's dying with Takina by her side
>"I'm just happy that I was able to save everyone. I'm fine if you're the only one who would remember me."
>she ties her red ribbon on Takina's hair
>"No I'll not allowed it"
>Takina takes Chisato dying body to a freezer and lay it inside
>Along with Walnut, Misaki, Mika, Fuki, Shinji
>"If you are the savior who gives people time to live in this world, then I'll be the thief who steals people's natural time to keep them alive but not really alive in this frozen world"

I'm gonna guess Madoka

No it's Lycoris recoil's sad ending version. They prepared an unhappy and a happy one in case the show blows up

...Kazumi? Never finished it.