Shingeki no Kyojin

This is a lady.

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many of the poses aren't bad at all!

>Mikasafag doesn't hate AI with all their soul
Sasuga, Hisugods were always on the side of good

Mikasa is the only character stable diffusion manages to generate, their shit database barely even have eren or levi pictures, let alone those of other characters, but has a shitton of mikasa ones, maybe it'll get better with time

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Hopefully it doesn't, i'd like a bit more time on earth before the end times

I can risk it if it means more waifus

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AI is not yet able to render the Queen, excellent, I hope it gets banned before it can

New Illustration

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>DALL E 2 is worse than DALL E Mini/crAIyon

soon(tm),you can't avoid the future old lady

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AI is satanic and will make everyones life worse

Beautiful men

Pretty sad that all that is left from your "NIPPONICHI REVENGE ON THE WEST BANZAI THE EMPEROR! manga is waifuism.

I'm tired of pretending DALL E is impressive

SnK was kept alive by fujos between seasons

Thanks to LEfujos

I want to choke on Mikasa's urine

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She is

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