He should've just killed himself

He should've just killed himself.

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yes he was a massive fucking hack,
complete fucking moron, who put a horrible name on the anime industry,

hes the reason why i don't watch anime and read manga only nowdays,
anime onlys became fags like him


Nah. Shin Godzilla is one of the best Godzilla movies. Shin Ultraman is a little underwhelming in comparison but I'm glad it exists. Anno's done alright.

You seem

Asuka lost

He should've just not released the end of Evangelion. everything was all fine and dandy until that happened then his little creationist story went completely avant garden to the point where he completely DECIMATED the entire anime industry into what is pretty much a shell. It will. never be beat. It will never be topped. it's so perfect and flawless I can't bring myself but to marvel in awe at it and hate it so much because I will never be able to write something that good and I am fucking trying. Fuck you anno you fucking God

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wait there are people who thought NGE was good?

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Miyazaki would be sad

>he continue watching after 3rd movie
Your fault.

He lived instead and left Eva with a satisfying ending. That feel when thank fuck it's over.

i wish anno was just a normal director making TV shows

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everything gainax created was garbage for shits and giggles while fedora wearers took everything super seriously.


the team that left for trigger even shits on their old show.

EVANGELION is the best anime, no, story, ever told

a genius

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trigger has never made a good show, makes sense

This but it was a fluke. Anno is no doubt a good director, but NGE + EoE is the product of a vision/talent that far exceeds his own. The best example is Shiro Sagisu who created the most compelling original music for NGE + EoE and picked perfect songs—inserting them at perfect moments: Bach's Air, Jesus Bleibet, Beethoven's 9th, Decisive Battle, Hedgehog Dilemma, Rei I, II, III: he never did anything like that prior to eva and couldn't do anything thay compelling after. The same applies to Anno and the rest of the creative staff; God smiled upon them for a brief period of time. Divine inspiration is the only way you can explain it. 4.0's ending was fairly compelling, but it was far from perfect. Most notably, it lacked a unique soundtrack. The entirety of NGE+ EoE was nothing short of majestic

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>Most notably, it lacked a unique soundtrack.
apart from a few select tracks in all of the rebuilds, their soundtracks are quite disappointing

Anno won't make anything good ever again, you said it yourself God literally smiled on him and gave him a vision to create it and he sacrificed having a child in order to create one which was Evangelion. Anno now is unable to ever capture that lightning again because he already did and just like every other artist they only get one good piece then they go back to their old stuff

Trigger shows >>>> Gainax shows

Yeah sagisu really lost his spark over the years. Hikaru's One Last Kiss and other song from 3.33 carried hard. Shiro's contributions amount to hastily inserted REUSED classical tracks and remixes of OG tracks that for some reason now feature electric guitar