Anzu is for plraying card games on

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my wife btw

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She's for fucking alongside the Dark Magician Girl, with their senses linked.

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my wife btw

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If she farted would it blow the cards away?

for ruining their game she would be violently raped

its her fault, she put herself in that position

Anzu is the innocent kind of slut.

>Tristan playing card games
Immersion broken.


Yes, Mimi is my wife!

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The redhead with the boobs from 5D's was a better fanservice girl

that is Kallen from CG

It's colder there than outside.

Reminder that Aki is meta in Duel links. Buy Rose Dragons!

>Playing card games with women around at all
That's the true immersion breaker.

Please breastfeed me mommy!

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Rebecca is better in every way

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Shut up luke.

t. mommy
I'm so hungry mommy :c

Rebecca is so cute even when she's being bossy!