What about these mf's makes them so memorable?

What about these mf's makes them so memorable?

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Pretentious garbage


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Die, cowardly normalfag.

Asuka rape

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Hey man, I'm cool with normal, I'll take it!

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Get off your phone and go to school.

The lack of eyes and the big focus on their horrible mouths and lips. Also how each of them got damaged in a really distinct way from getting impaled, torn in half, neck-broken, stabbed, pierced through the head, crushed. The whole sequence is great.

All that and the sounds they make are really memorable

They're just mechs with Audrey II's face

they are the ugly bastards of mecha


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I just love how their designs were partially inspired by birds like crows and vultures, really just adds to the movies whole mood and obvious themes of death

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They killed toiletsuka

The rapist grin?

Everything from the moment they appear from the sky, the music, their design, the gruesome fight and asuka's death, it's all memorable

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They resemble black people somehow.