Who was in the wrong and why is the story going to blame Ivar?

Who was in the wrong and why is the story going to blame Ivar?

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>gets premonition about the genocide of his people
>start a war and chase out the clean Vikings and cuck themselves out of old world technology
>later on, the diseased-ridden and perfidious Anglos appear
>the rest is history

Old man was just trying to give the axe back. He was going to symbolically cast the axe to the ground at Thorfinn's feet to represent his rejection of Norse influence. Ivar resorting to violence in the face of peaceful protest has doomed Thorfinn's beautiful dream.

>inb4 this is how it actually plays out

I get the feeling that the natives and Nords will accept that this incident is the result of the elder and will not push for war but the Native chief will now forbid people from visiting the village and this will slowly cause a massive rift between the two cultures.
The Nords and the Natives will want to protect themselves from each other and as a result of all this the natives won't help the Nords when that other tribe comes to attack them.

>Thorfinn ban on swords is retarded because anything can be used as a weapon, evidenced by the redskin brandishing an axe at him, proving that the ban effectively accomplish fuckall
>His ban on any defensive measures, even a simple wall, is also retarded because while one tribe are friendly to them there are also others who are clearly hostile toward them
>The redskin do shrooms and somehow have magic visions of the future
>Think it invalidate all their previous exchanges with the norses that his very own tribes benefit from and tell him they should wait & see
>Try to start a fucking war
>Ivar may be a dumb nigger obsessed with fighting and swinging his cock around but it is a fact that his actions and intentions are to protect the settlement, Thorfinn included
>Doesn't change the fact that his sneaking around show he cannot be trusted

They're all retards

>some tottering old man shambles at a legendary assassin cum war hero
>sperg out and attack the old man
there's pretty much no way ivar's in the right. if he was doing it to protect someone defenseless there'd be a case but thorfinn is a walking death machine

Except no one except his close friends knows that Thorfinn is a one man army, there was one guy who said he heard Thorfinn used to be a warrior and nobody believed him.

Ivar is at fault for ruining Thor-chans streak of presenting his anus for the purposes of buttsex by every breed of human in his path.

>Doesn't change the fact that his sneaking around show he cannot be trusted

When people have different values and viewpoints and are not allowed to practise them, (ie: banning swords that Ivar believes will protect the people), it will result in them needing to sneak around and hide their intentions. Banning weapons is what started this mess.

he was gonna bury the hatchet or do some indian ritual and Ivar jumped the gun

Oh my God, it would be amazing if they actually bury the hatchet at the end of this arc. Really cheese the shit out of it.

Ivar could've accomplished the same shit with an axe, a spear, or even a fucking rock, the fact he has a sword ultimately doesn't matter at all.
The biggest issue is that he keep trying to do shit behind Thorfinn's back, building a wall was a sensible idea but he decided to start it on his own without talking about it to the expedition leader which is a big no-no.

That would be fine accept the town has not established any thing beyond "Thorfinn is the Leader" yet. If they would vote a new leader or something then your way would make sense but Thorfinn has refused all requests that Ivar has brought up till this point. It's only natural that he would talk to the people instead.

nice series lol

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No that's the thing, Thorfinn still heard him out and even allowed a thing to be held so they could discuss it when he could've told Ivar to go fuck himself, and it was even going toward Ivar's favor until the junkie came around and fucked it all up.
It shows that Thorfinn is at the very least open to debate and willing to leave it up to the majority's decision, Ivar could've bought the issue up normally and not make an annoying ass out of himself if he simply did so.

I don’t get it.

>bring out an axe and attacks during diplomacy
fucking natives was in the wrong all along. manifest destiny was justified

user, barely anyone cares about this awful manga.
In one hour even one piece could rake a hundred ppl

Well no shit, but One Piece threads are full of mental patients who have a pathologic need to shitpost about One Piece because it's the only thing keeping them from succumbing to the voices. Same thing with Dragon Ball, but with Mexican mental patients.

>why is the story going to blame Ivar?
Because he cut off his hand?

I expect that they will be forced to run and die or Thorfinn will be forced to fight. This is the only reason I bother to follow this shit still so that I can see it happen.