This is the most progressive popular anime from Shonen Jump by far. But it doesn't get hate because of this, why?

This is the most progressive popular anime from Shonen Jump by far. But it doesn't get hate because of this, why?

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cause it's actually well-written

>le rubber pirate

Is freedom imposed by a reincarnated god actually progressive?

how many other rubber pirates are there

>le funny ninja
>le carrot fighter
>le rated t guts
>le fishing pole kid
>le 7 quirk kid

>Doesn't beat you over the head with any messaging
>Political themes fit in the setting and add to the story, character motivations and world
>No boring American ethnocentric gobbledygook, peace and unity is promoted, but not by demonizing real world peoples or preaching at the viewer - contrarily, it's promoted in a fun and whimsical manner
>you get trans niggas, drag queen/transvestite niggas, genderbent niggas, fish niggas, sky niggas, animal niggas, Japanese niggas and occasionally nigga niggas. And their struggles are presented in a way that can be sympathized/empathized with
When you don't treat your fans like dirt on the bottom of your shoe or the enemy of your existence and write some good shit, sure enough, people enjoy your work.

I haven't read it in ages, but I remember it consistently used trannies as the butt of jokes.

One piece doesn't get new readers so they only have the already stockhomed readerbase
Extra mod attention
Any Forums is extremely good at convincing themselves trannies aren't actually trannies.

The most recent tranny got their arm chopped off I think

why are so many OPfags fucking faggots? They love dick

Mihawk gets to eat that?!

its a very gay show, it made me come out as trans

Popeye is a marine, he's Luffy antithesis

As if you wouldn't have done that anyway, you impressionable fuck.

Because surprise, people don't hate that shit when you don't force it and balance it out with humor and great character moments. One Piece is exceptionally great at it with Bon Clay being an example.

I just followed the OKAMA WAY

The whole series is just a gay reference anyway. One Piece or "Wan Piisu" is a corruption of "Wan Pissu", a gay JAV created back in the 70's in an attempt to bolster communications amongst gay American expats and their Japanese peers. Wan Pissu is a nickname (ala WanPi or MonHun) for "Ai Wanto yoa pissu! Gaijin Tom-san no Dai Nikubō" in which an American and his Japanese lover engage in watersports acts. Oda as a child mistakenly walked in on his mother viewing this and it became something of an obsession during his teen years, but when he finally viewed it as an adult, he felt a sense of disappointment in how it failed to live up to his admittedly bloated expectations. Though he doesn't care much for the JAV in and of itself, the feeling of "chasing a dream" was something he wanted One Piece's title to embody and so he found a way to work WanPissu's name into his work since to him, it embodied his chasing of a far off dream. This of course, means One Piece is firmly rooted in gay culture. Which in turn, means One Piece is for fags.

One Piece was really good before it started trying to be DBZ. Why does Luffy need so many powerups and transformations?

wtf is this true?

so at the end of his Journey Luffy will find a gay JAV?

There are plenty OTHER things to hate about it recently and the author just recently went full senile.

wtf im gay now???

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