Why anime almoust never features lesbians/gays outside of shitty reservation genres?

Why anime almoust never features lesbians/gays outside of shitty reservation genres?
No matter how far it goes it's always "just good friends".
I thought anime is more creatively free than mutt toons

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What does the fact that some authors don't want to write about gays have to do with creative freedom?

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i watched almoust every anime worth watching, i don't give a shit if in some 6/10 crap in 2014 there was a fag side character in epsiode 5

Yes it is free, that why they aren't forced to include things nobody wants.

and by some you mean every single fucking one of them
that just not how it works,

If you want faggot shit, stick to mutt toons.
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Anime community are fags, cucks and self inserter losers that's why

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>and by some you mean every single fucking one of them
Not at all

read more manga

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>I thought anime is more creatively free
Nothing is free of the almighty yen

I don't know how this isn't obvious. If they include gays they'll tank sales.

All fetishes need a home or they litter the streets like hobos.
Segregate the differences and the hippos will be well guarded.

Collectivism baby!

98% of people don't pander to the 2%, and the 2% doesn't feel the need to push their views onto the 98%. That is how it should be.

Westoid gay people should be respectful like eastern gay people.
There's stuff like Banana Fish and stuff written by Mucknagabe, but that is besides the point. Mutt Toons have homos in every cartoon and it is bad.

>who are fujos and men who like yuri

>only gays like lesbians
is that some culture war shit i'am too apolitical to understand?

They care more about keeping the main segment of the audience around. Most of the time homosexuals will still watch it and write fanfics. Maybe the mangaka don't want their reputation permanently tied to something more daring and would rather keep things vague in most instances.

It doesn't tank sales, it just makes it more niche and puts a ceiling on how popular it will ever get. There's a market for works with gay characters obviously, but no editor or publisher wants to limit the reach of their more mainstream series

nobody likes lesbians/gays besides mentally ill americans

Yeah, that's what I tried to say. In some instances it will also tank sales but that would involve really poor understanding of the target audience up until that very point.

Yes. For mutt toons, they demand representation by claiming that they're killed if they're not shown smooching and fucking their partner in every frame.

I am glad that anime doesn't have that.

You mean you just watch stuff that's mainstream instead of actually looking for stuff that contains homo characters

>but no editor or publisher
and here we have it

The most popular anime this season has two homos. And the two MCs might be lesbians.

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because gay characters are not a selling point for me, but i would have liked to see them from time to time in the mainsteram works too
It is pretty clear that there is at least a "soft" creative limitation, and i dislike art being limited