she's getting bigger

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How can Dark Elf compare?

She deserves tons of licks and kisses all around her curvy body.

puke nigger late

Still not big enough.

Fingers crossed someone posts the nude version from his fanbox.
Also new chapter starts on Friday, just 4 more days.

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The greatest trick the dark elf ever pulled was convincing the world that she was sexier than potato elf.

Fertility maiden

By having the better body still.

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To the anons discussing a gyaru fox last thread, meth already has a design

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If I was a fat monster girl I would let naoe fuck me no homo

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Dark Elf has had the better body for a long while, but she's starting to get powercrept. Meth isn't increasing her lower body quite to the same extent he's increasing Elfuda's everything. There are some chapters where their asses even look almost the same size.

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Shes perfect user

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Fromsoft type game where the classes are the different girls, and instead of souls you level up with calories, but you lose them slowly when using stamina. The fatter you are the stronger you are because the final boss is naoes tormented coomer soul. Different characters have different mechanics like kuroeda is stronger depending on the size of her ass, but if you break the clothes shes wearing she cant cast magic.

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Used to not be the biggest (heh) fan of Erufuda but nowadays I'm starting to see it.

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The ear twitches converted me

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Soon we will have them all
All shall be big and plump

Fat ass, fat tits, fat lips. Eure as it all.

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So, Toriko but with women?

I'm a vegetarian now.

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>incredible figure
>garbage personality
Potato elf is the hardest part of the potato elf manga