What was so bad about this again?

What was so bad about this again?

Eren breaks down for few pages because the last few years of his life have been hell and the guy has to die without getting laid and he calms down later anyway so why did anyone get upset at this? Makes sense to me, Eren is still 10 times the man anyone here will ever be in an entire lifetime most likely.

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Hang yourself snktroon

Incels like when they become the protagonist not when... the protagonist becomes them.

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Only filtered people cried about it.

I didn't have any issues with the ending, but I think it could've still be interesting if Eren had won.
I can see why people call Eren a lesser Lelouch, but they aren't the same character, even if they have similar narrative functions.

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Off yourself Redditor. Go suck off another self sabotaging hack, someone like Murata's a good choice.

Jean fucked Shitkasa

neck yourself. Go back.
We thought he was chadolf when he turns out to be some retarded cuck teenager with an identity crisis. This btw comes completely out of left field as it is in no way set up that he is so madly in love with Mikasa that he'll have a breakdown when she fucks someone else.

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Seethe more incel.

If I was Eren I would be crying about how my life is devoid of choices, like a puppet who sees the strings. Whining about not being able to fuck my adopted sister is beta as fuck


If it isn't saucy Jack.

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Wish I knew. From what I've been told the orignial video has been copyright striked or something. But I'll do more research into it later.


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Meant for


I didn't get it either. Entirely manufactured fake outrage. Or maybe the shountards that read this crap actually thought their complaints were warranted? Nah no one could be that retarded

Never underestimate the retardation of people who dedicate their life to comic books written for children.

He cared more about Mikasa than his own mother (which killed)

It was always hinted at that he liked Mikasa. Cope EHfag

>da joos
>can't even reply

I feel bad for him, shonen manga is supposed to appeal to and inspire young men not bait and insult them.

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It was also hinted that eren loved his mother EMkek Mikasa got horsed while eren watches anyway

If the reason he had to die was a good one, this scene would be kinda good. But the reason he had to die is because Ymir thought it would be cool to see Mikasa be selfless

Incel would have went through with the Rumbling and force himself on Mikasa (most of the women, really) though.

I still can't believe he killed his mother

>this fucking thread yet again
I know this series baits people like flies to shit, but don't you get tired of this charade?

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I love mikasa

He also loves mikasa, I think that's why he acts like this

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I think if he went all the way and we got a darker ending it would have been okay, just to show the depths he had sunk to for victory. But with the canon payoff it just seems so unnecessary and retarded.

I don't know either? But the entire marvel segment was lame zzZ. like this scene may have nothing to do with it but when the whole season leading up to it is cringe it doesn't help, so there's that.

No he is a loser who deserves his seethe and you sound like loser too.

Isn't that normal? Anyone cares more about their siblings or quasi-siblings than their parents, it's normal

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It’s so insane that there is no reason given for why he found himself in that situation being forced to interact and make sure it happens

Ymir deserves better sweet sex and happy life with her boyfriend Marco.

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