What's key to creating a good MC?

What's key to creating a good MC?

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The only key to making a good main character is to make someone who changes in response to his world in according to his personality.

ignoring amerimutts advice, they ruined their own comics so they might as well ruin something else

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Make them work for the good ending

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Out of these 9 MC only 3 are bad Jeremy. Crying =/= bad, just because you cry like the little bitch you are it doesn't mean all people that cries suck as much as you do

Don't know who Jeremy is. But in my opinion Eren, Deku, Kazuya, Naruto are bad MCs from what I know

only 2 of are more or less decent

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>Out of these 9 MC only 3 are bad Jeremy.
You look like such a clown when you use this boogeyman-of-the-year outside of your clique generals.

Naruto is a good MC, or at least he was during part one

Make them as feminine as possible


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Senpai doesn't fit here because he's played for comedy instead of drama, and he's much more of a man.

A good writer

Define bad

rent free and go back to your culture war shithole

"Growth through Struggle" is basically the good way to go about it

Make your main character get his shit pushed in over and over again and grow in order to overcome his obstacle; instead of giving him some asspull emotional powerup that lets him win

This is why Highschool DxD was popular in the beginning as well, because the MC kept getting beat down and still got back up because he wanted to fuck his harem

I think good MC would probably not cry much. Also person who makes good decision and kills when murder is acceptable. Oh, and it would be really nice if he didn't act shy or overreact near women.

To be honest, from all 9 mcs in the pic, the only one who I can respect a bit is Subaru(And not because he doesn't act like a faggot but because his life is literal hell). The rest of them are retards.

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Remind me how many times he confessed?

> because he wanted to fuck his harem
You just reminded me of "Oh My Goddess!", reading how one of the characters gave the MC erectyle disfunction or something like that to make him less sexually attracted to the Goddess
I wonder how did that end?

stop making them emo pussies or complete retards. make them a variation of goku if its shonen, emo doesnt fit shonen. goku is far from retarded, if youve ever actually read/watched db and dbz.

and crying isn't the issue, goku 1st ssj is iconic and he cries there, gohan ssj2 is tears as well. just do them right

garbage, and gets old fast as hell. makes people hate him after a while because everytime he gets beat he'll make a dumb speech about how he can never EVER give up

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During Part one, sure. But his obsession with Sasuke ruins him

That's already the case for Deku, didn't work

based and homopilled

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And in 23 volumes he never did.