Can the tiny scorp evolve back into Shaula?

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No, she’s gone for good

Shaula will take over Emilia's body and Subaru will be happy to put Shaula on the throne after that he will move away with Beako, Rem and the rest of his family.

delete system32

OK Google!

definitely not what this story's all about

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That post must have struck a nerve with you to cope this much.

>[Rem: Say “I love you”…]
>Rem spilled these words out with a faint, frail voice while looking up at Subaru.
>In her vision which had become blurred by the swell of tears that gushed up, she saw Subaru shake his head. After that, Subaru brought his face close to her and said,
>[Subaru: I love you(suki da)]
>[Subaru: I love you(daisuki da). Isn’t that obvious…If you aren’t with me, I can’t live on…]
>It was his true feelings. If you were to say that this was when he spilled everything out, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration and would be an accurate statement. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t come this far. >If she were to disappear, he would not be able to live on.
>[Rem: Ahhh…I’m happy…]
>Accepting Subaru’s confession, Rem felt a tear alongside her closed eyes. Taking in Subaru’s words happily, her face quickly blushed. Soon after, it now really did seem that all power within her body had departed.
>[Subaru: Wait…]
>[Rem: I love you(aishiteimasu), Subaru-kun]
>[Subaru:Don’t fuck with me, stay by my side. You’re going to leave me with regrets again!?]
>Subaru could not bear to live in a near future where Rem would cease to exist. Along with knowing this fact since long ago, her existence still has become sooo much more important to him, compared to long ago. So,
>[Subaru: In the future where I talk while smiling, I need you…I don’t want this]
>[Rem: In that future, is it okay if I stay by your side?]
>[Subaru: ….Isn’t the answer obvious? I won’t let you go to anyone else’s side.]
>Wiping off her tears that were suspended on her eyelids, Subaru looked straight at Rem and said:
>[Subaru: You are mine. I won’t let anyone have you.]
>[Rem: Proposal accepted!]
>[Subaru: Heh?]
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More studio reverie dubs. Maybe sperging about this will keep these awful threads from dying lmao

>awful threads from dying lmao
These threads are awful and should die at this point.

The one before last was pretty good

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All the threads lately have been filled with nothing but shitposting.

Can the author stop being a talentless faggot?

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Spec and the discordfags have been real busy

Regardless of what arguments you make in reply to me the fact remains you've conditioned yourself to be part of this autism.

argument? he only posted a picture, no need to get angry

Is there am end game to this?

The end game is kissing Petra

You do this every thread you utter autist you always respond to the user who posts acting like you've made some big move and when someone calls you out on it you do what you're doing now, you pretend to be a completely different user and I have no doubt now you'll reply with "take your meds" or "Paragraph of seething" because you just can't help yourself.

Only if you kiss Petra and stop letting Tappei live rent-free in your head.

For real though like dies the author have a vision for the whole or just going the to aru route?