Should isekai girls with flat chests drink milk to make their chests bigger?

Should isekai girls with flat chests drink milk to make their chests bigger?

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Why is Kenja no Mago so underrated?

Nothing should be allowed to make them bigger. If anything, something should be used to make others smaller.

What happens when isekai girls drink too much milk? Are there any side effects?

I wish to become the omoshiroi crown prince who dotes on their little sister

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>Le saintess is ebil and le villainess dindu nuffin!
Uncreative hacks

why are you so obsessed with sex? is it because you don't have any in real life?


>Whitest giant
>smallest giant
>strongest giant
>the most thoughtful giant
What do they call mediocre giants?

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Alice and Lynn were the most underrated girls in Kenja no Mago

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>anne (maid)

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For MC to kill the kid and then kill the goddess for giving him a shitty fate.

Can't spell Charlotte without harlot

He's the biggest cuck who already accepted that happily. He doesn't care and is happy that everyone tries to fuck him over.

Which isekai name is the most cursed?

Ise Kaito

For a second there I though this was gonna be a based LTBE post

I can't believe that someone actually went and used it

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That guy’s manga is axed sadly

party betrayal AND engagement break off? the author basically double back flipped to hit both those cliches in one go.

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Would a princess have been allowed to wear a dress this short?

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