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The human chick

left easily, the haircut with hoops sucks

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Right back at you

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disgusting boobs ruined it


god i want to make love with crack hotaru
terrible taste

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giga virgin

A childhood friend or fuck off.

Hotaru was massively better in looks, gotta admit Nazuna has a much better personality and that's a plus, but still disgusting boobs and garbage taste

it seems to me that both of them have tubular tits. thanks but I'll pass this election.

Lover's sex with dorkpire

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reminder she's an old hag and that's why her boobs are so disgusting

Tubular is truly the worst.

left is 1000x better
but what would happen if you raped her? can she get pregnant like in Twilight?

Left with right costume.

Proper leotard bunny suit on the right. I'm a bit of conservative when it comes to these things.

What movie is this?

I refuse to decide.

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Outfit on the left with the hair on the right.

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Finally some good taste ITT

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