This scene was based

This scene was based.

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and then kubo proceeded to do nothing with it

Yammy was always a comic relief. Some retards actually took this seriously.

Could've been based if Kubo showed us the fight.

Should've just kept him as number 10 and let Chad get his first real win

Slit your throat bleachfag

It was played somewhat for humor, but Yammy really was a lot more powerful than he seemed. It was an excuse to occupy Kenpachi and Byakuya more than it was an occasion for comic relief.


The anime did, it was shit because he was a shit weak jobber.

I can count from 0 to 9

>reveals himself as the cero espada.
>proceeds to be absolutely useless.
Gotta love Yammy.

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Kenpachi and Byakuya beating him as collateral for their own fight was one of my favorite moments in the whole manga. I love the whole "don't interfere with our fight" trope.

But he is right
who actually said that they go from 1 to 10?


God weekly Bleach chapter threads were amazing. I miss them so much

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that's a one piece reference

Not to worry, you can join us in the storytime, where every fucking post is Enter!, Exit!, Renjisisters, Ichibros, I can't imagine Chad losing, and many more braindead fucking stupid copy/paste posts. And if you're very very lucky, somebody just might go KUUUUUBOOOOO over an unremarkable page.

Just finished my rewatch of Bleach in preparation for the new episodes. Never read the manga. Got a couple of questions.

Is there any good site for downloading other than nyaa? Which group should I look for? I don't watch that many anime so I don't know.

didnt he get done in by an "anti-espada mine"
probably the funniest gag in bleach

>*dies off-screen*
I fucking hate bleach


>only Green day vocalist got an arrancar bankai
>kubo then fucking forgot