Chisato handstand

new meme pose just dropped

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Where's the darkness one

why are anime girls so strong bros?!

it's literally one guy drawing the same thing over and over again

god I love thick thighs

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There are other pictures of Darkness that are 10x better than a dumb handstand.

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So where's the darkness one? I don't need your blogpost.

>being an npc


who gives a shit what you think about anything. post the darkness one attention whore lol

Fit thighs > thick thighs

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Kill yo urself, wojaktard.

Why not both?

im attracted to healthy women yes

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please stop covering up your undergarments

sincerly yours,
chief of staff
undergarment departmen,

Fit thighs are thick thighs.

Should've won

shame that this one doesn't seem to be picking up like the jack-o challenge or the standing split

Leg hold pose is still the best