Mamoru Oshii will show up in the next Kojima Spotify Podcast

Will he come up with some new based take on the medium?

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probably more Any Forums-related
kerberos game pls

Why hasnt Kojima written and directed an anime yet?

Finally some hacktion

Noone talks about videogames on Any Forums, they'll shit up the thread with some american bullshit
Policenauts is a full anime style graphical adventure

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Oshii wanted to make a Fallout anime but got denied.

>Will he come up with some new based take on the medium?
Old man yells at clouds

When will he be invited?

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It could still happen

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> inviting the biggest degenerate of the whole manga industry on your show

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it ain't (Bethesda's) Fallout if characters don't look like bloated demons.

Fallout is only fun as a video game. It's already bad enough with Pagliarulo's writing in 3, and with Oshii it would probably be another pseudo-Bible wankery.

You need an extremely high IQ to understand Angel's Egg

I don't diddle kids, sorry.

Kojima is a fucking hack and a hack is a fucking kojima.

I swear every celeb has a podcast nowadays. I didn't even know Kojima has one

It only takes someone with a huge ego to make one.

Will he explain what went wrong with his colossal failure known as Vladlove?

He made an anime that was intentionally difficult to enjoy. What is there to explain?

Didn't Kojima had a podcast in MGS4

Is there an interview where oshii is questioned about the similarities between the metal gear saga and his own works?
He was quite ecstatic about death stranding but i feel like he never played any prior games made by kojima