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What are your thoughts on the current lineup?

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The current romcoms have been in a bad state lately. Kanokari currently sucks, Cuckoo currently sucks, Kanojo mo Kanojo is decent, Cafe and Amagami are interesting right now, can't speak about Ayumu/Kuroiwa/the other new ones as I'm not reading them. Still, I'd be interested to know how the newer romcoms are doing to see if they won't suffer the same fates that Love or Magic/Saint/Erunowa got.

I like Gachiakuta and Loser Ranger. Bakemonogatari is also a nice read.

I want the gay in Gachiakuta to be toned down much more.

I know that Ao Hatesaka is drawing another one-shot but will it be Magazine that will publish it?

Usually people stick with the magazine that they enter for unless they break contact with the editor, because editors put so much work into helping them for contests that turning around and submitting for the competition would be a huge backstab.

For now, Ao Hatesaka is a Magazine mangaka unless the publisher drops him/her (extremely unlikely).

>Weekly Romcom Magazine

Yes I want Mashima to do romcom after Eden ends.

How's the new karate manga?

I guess we need Kei-sensei back with another serialization as soon as possible.

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Kanan-sama is too short for my weekly dose of debiru but oh well it's worth it. But that also means longer wait for the tankobon release AHHHHHH.

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Whatever happened to that new series she was going to do? I thought she did three one-shots and one was gonna get serialized.

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She's been busy with her cats.

Look at them tiddays.

She had a taste of fanbox money.

Shangri-La Frontier is underrated

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I'm only reading Kuroiwa and Kanan at the moment

ShanFro is the funniest manga of this magazine. I enjoy reading it weekly. I like Medaka and Gachiakuta too

No Cafe or Cuckoo spoilers yet?

for me it's actually Ashu and her flat kid body

Cafe> Bastard> Kanan> Ayumu> KmK> trash> knot> cucks> shit> kusokari
The action manga are all shit, except one